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Policy 586: Copyright Addendum Generator


If you have received a publication agreement, but are unsure of the rights you will be retaining by entering into the agreement, you may contact us at ScholarlyCommunications@usu.edu.

Alternatively, you may use this form, which was developed jointly by the Science Commons and the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, to generate an addendum to your publication agreement.

This addendum ensures that your publisher is aware of the nonexclusive license granted to Utah State University to make your work openly available through the online institutional repository. In addition, it secures your right to share your work with colleagues and students, create derivative works from the article, and authorizes others to make noncommercial use of the article so long as you are properly attributed. For additional information, please visit: www.arl.org/sparc/author/addendum.shtml

Instructions for Use

  1. Enter the information requested and select the option of your choice from the menu below.

    Type the full title of the article, as it will appear in the published version.

    Type the full name of the journal or publication in which the article will be published. Do not use abbreviated titles.

    add author

    Type the full name (first name, middle initial, last name) of each author, as it will appear in the published version.

    Type the name of the publisher of the journal or publication in which the article will appear. This name can usually be found in the copyright assignment agreement provided by the publisher or on the masthead of the publication.

  2. Save the PDF addendum that is generated.
  3. Print the addendum, and sign and date it.
  4. Sign and date the publisher's agreement. Immediately below your signature on the publisher's form, write: "Subject to attached Addendum." This is very important because you want to make clear that your signature is a sign that you accept the publisher's agreement only if the publisher accepts you Addendum.
  5. Make a copy of all three documents (the publisher's form, your Addendum, and your cover letter) for your records.
  6. Staple the three original documents together.
  7. Mail the three original documents to the publisher.