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Policy 586: Copyright Addendum Generator


If you have received a publication agreement, but are unsure of the rights you will be retaining by entering into the agreement, you may contact us at

Alternatively, you may use this form, which was developed jointly by the Science Commons and the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, to generate an addendum to your publication agreement.

This addendum ensures that your publisher is aware of the nonexclusive license granted to Utah State University to make your work openly available through the online institutional repository. In addition, it secures your right to share your work with colleagues and students, create derivative works from the article, and authorizes others to make noncommercial use of the article so long as you are properly attributed. For additional information, please visit:

Addendum Form:

 CreativeCommons Scholar's Copyright Addendum Creator:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This website provides general information and sample agreements but it does not provide individual legal advice.

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