Virtual Reality Lab

The Virtual Reality Lab (VR Lab) provides a space for students, faculty, and staff to experience and experiment with virtual reality as a tool for teaching, learning, and hands-on design. For example, virtual reality can be used to test and iterate a design concept, or experience things like data visualizations or locations around the world in three dimensions.

The VR Lab uses an HTC Vive Virtual Reality System headset and controllers. Space and equipment are sponsored by Academic and Instructional Services, IT Computer Labs, and Merrill-Cazier Library.

Using the VR Lab

The VR Lab is located in Library Room 113 and can be reserved online for use during normal library hours. VR equipment must also be checked out at the circulation desk in order to use. There is a 2-hour time limit for the VR Lab and equipment.

Reserve the VR Lab

VR Lab Policies

  • VR Lab is available to all USU students, faculty and staff, and their guests.
  • VR Lab can be scheduled up to 2 hours per day for up to 2 days in advance.
  • No moving of equipment or cables.
  • No food and drink in the VR Lab.
  • Policy 550 on Appropriate Use of Computer applies in this room.
  • Reproduction of any copyrighted material, i.e., software, music, video, books, or photographs is prohibited.
  • Students are permitted to install software, but this software will be deleted once they leave the VR lab. It is advised to save your work on your own device.


  • Be aware of cables during use.
  • Make sure the controllers are secured to your wrist.
  • Stay within the boundary grid during use.
  • If you feel nausea or discomfort, take the headset off and sit down.
  • Consult your doctor before using the VR equipment if you have a pre-existing medical condition (e.g. heart ailment, anxiety disorders, or PTSD).