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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Check Out Materials

Books and other library materials and technology can be checked out using your USU ID card. See Standard Checkout Policies for checkout times, how many items can be checked out at once, and renewal and hold policies.

Not a USU student or staff member? See the information below to learn how to obtain checkout privileges for USU collections. 

Community User Cards

If you are not a current USU student or staff member, you can purchase a library card from the Checkout Desk for $25.00. This card is valid for one year and allows you to check out up to 10 books for 3 weeks.

Visiting Scholar and Alumni/Spouse Cards

Visiting scholars are can checkout materials with the same privileges as faculty. To be eligible, you must first be registered as a visiting scholar with your hosting department. Once complete, use our Visiting Scholar Card form to get checkout privileges.

If you are a USU alumnus or spouse of a USU staff member or alumnus, you can also check out materials for no cost by first obtaining the proper ID card from the USU Welcome Center. Spouses can obtain an ID card from the USU Card Office.

Extended Checkouts

Working on long-term research project? Eligible faculty and staff can keep items checked out for longer periods by signing up for our extended checkout service. Apply for Extended Checkouts.

Standard Checkout Policies

The following policies apply to books in the general circulating collection.

User Type Checkout Duration How many books can I checkout?
Faculty, Staff, Emeritus Professors 16 weeks 100 books
Graduate Students 16 weeks 100 books
Undergraduate Students 3 weeks 35 books
Public Cardholders, Alumni 3 weeks 10 books


Most materials can be renewed up to 2 times unless a hold/recall has been placed on it. Course reserve and media collections items can be renewed multiple time unless another person is waiting to use the item. Technology, equipment, and study aids cannot be renewed.

Holds and Recalls

Holds will reserve an item for you as soon as the item is returned. Holds can be placed on items by viewing them in the catalog or quick search.

A recall will reset the due date for the item to 1 week from the date the recall was placed. Items are eligible for recall 2 weeks after they have been originally checked out. Fines for late recall items are $1.00 per day. Recalls can only be placed by staff at the Checkout Desk.

Specific Formats and Collections

See below for checkout information for specific formats or collections.

Item Checkout Duration Where can I check out?
General books See Standard Policies Checkout Desk, Self-Checkout Stations
Course Reserves items 3 hours Course Reserves
Reference books 5 days Checkout Desk, Self-Checkout Stations
Bound journals 2 days Checkout Desk, Self-Checkout Stations
Vet med books 2 days Course Reserves
CDs, DVDs, and other media 5 days Course Reserves
Theatrical scripts 5 days Course Reserves

Special Collections and Archives

Materials in Special Collections and Archives do not circulate, but can be viewed in person in the Tanner Reading Room, Room 035. Archives staff can also provide digital copies of materials. See more information about using Special Collections and Archives or contact for help.

Technology and Study Aids

Devices, chargers and cables, and other technology and equipment cannot be renewed. You will be notified of overdue items via email. There is no grace period for overdue technology items.

Computers, iPads, and Media Players

Item Checkout Duration Where can I check out?
Quantity: 4
24 hours Checkout Desk
iPads (with Apple Pencils)
Quantity: 5
5 days Checkout Desk
Math iPads (with Apple Pencils)
Quantity: 2
Reserved for math students only
5 days Checkout Desk
PC and Mac laptops
Quantity: 23
3 hours Checkout Desk
DVD/BluRay players
Quantity: 2
7 days Course Reserves
DVD/VCR Player 7 days Course Reserves
Bluetooth Speaker/CD Player 7 days Course Reserves
CD/Cassette Player 7 days Course Reserves
Record Player 3 hours,
In-library use only
Course Reserves
Ergonomic keyboards
Quantity: 2
3 hours Checkout Desk
Quantity: 6 at Checkout, 1 at Course Reserves
3 hours Course Reserves,
Checkout Desk
Virtual Reality headset/controllers 3 hours Checkout Desk

Note: Library laptops are for short-term use only. If you need a laptop for an extended period of time, contact the USU Inclusion Center.

Calculators, Whiteboards, and Writing Tools

Item Checkout Duration Where can I check out?
Graphing calculators
Quantity: 6
3 hours Checkout Desk
Whiteboards 3 hours Checkout Desk
Whiteboard markers and erasers Must be returned by end of day Checkout Desk
Portable digital whiteboards (Boogie Boards)
Quantity: 2 
3 hours Checkout Desk
Colored Pencils 3 hours Checkout Desk
Anatomical Models 3 hours Course Reserves

Adapters, Chargers, and Cables

The following items can be checked out for 3 hours from the Checkout Desk:

  • Lightning to Digital AV Adapter
  • Lightning to VGA Adapter
  • USB-C to HDMI Adapters
  • HDMI Cables
  • Macbook chargers
  • HP Laptop chargers (old and new generation)
  • Lightning to USB charging cables
  • Micro USB charging cables
  • Mini USB charging cable
  • USB-C charging cable
  • iPhone/iPad charger (30-pin)


Lockers can be rented for $10 - $15 per semester. For more information, see the Checkout Desk.