September 15, 2021

Decisions Downstream

Exhibit on display at the Merrill-Cazier Library, September 14th, 2021—December 8th, 2022

All of us—people, fish, and many other creatures—depend on the water in Utah’s rivers. The choices we make about how to develop water resources have big impacts on river habitats. In Decisions Downstream, watershed scientist Dr. Sarah Null teams up with Utah-based artists Chris Peterson and Carsten Meier to explore new ways of seeing river habitats.

Decisions Downstream

Come immerse yourself in beautiful large-scale images created from layers of scientific data, original paintings that capture the transcendent experience of encountering wild fish, and engaging digital kiosks that tell stories of our past water development choices and those we face in the future. Then discover how new water management models can help us preserve river habitats and supply water for people.

Critical water decisions are being made in Utah. Decisions Downstream highlights the water development tools, tradeoffs, and alternatives that can guide our choices.