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OER Team

Affordable Learning Resources Committee

The committee engages in discussions related to affordable learning resources for the USU community. Members could be called on to:

  • Give feedback to the USU Libraries’ OER Program, as needed
  • Advise the USU Libraries’ OER Program on campus culture surrounding OER and affordable learning
  • Advocate for affordable learning resource initiatives and messaging campus-wide
  • Provide peer-review of OER creation materials and/or grant applications, as needed

Standing Committee Members

  • Britt Fagerheim (Chair): Reference and Instruction Librarian, USU Libraries
  • Stephanie Western: OER Program Manager, USU Libraries
  • Nick Gittins: OER Program Coordinator, USU Libraries
  • Jennifer Duncan: Interim-Dean of Libraries, USU Libraries
  • Robert Wagner: Vice President, Academic and Instructional Services
  • Amy Carpenter: Senior Instructional Designer, Center for Innovative Design and Instruction
  • Christopher Phillips: Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Coordinator, Academic and Instructional Services
  • Clarissa Peterson: Course Materials Assistant Manager, Campus Store
  • Celeste Rodriguez: USU Student Association, CHASS Senator
  • Deven Salisbury and Breanna Hellewell: OER Program Student Assistants

Rotating Committee Members

  • Vijay Kannan: Department Head, Management
  • Sam Arungwa: Assistant Professor, Social Work, USU Blanding
  • Wayne Hatch: Associate Professor, Biology, USU Eastern
  • Nate Trauntvein: Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Health Sciences
  • Jessica Habashi: Principal Lecturer, Biology, Brigham City campus
  • Consultant/As Needed: Eric Hawley, Chief Information Officer, IT