Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research resources that are free of cost and access barriers, and carry legal permission for open use.

OER are making a significant impact at Utah State University. The USU OER Team strives to increase this impact by accelerating the number of open textbooks and materials used throughout the USU community.

Since 2014, students saved:


USU students have benefited from OER


Class sections have incorporated OER


Unique courses have used OER 

Get Started with OER



Adopt an existing textbook or other educational resource which significantly reduces costs for students.



Adapt one or more existing OER, customized to your instructional needs.



Create or author new learning materials that will be licensed openly.

OER Grants

USU Libraries is committed to reducing barriers to student success through the use of open educational resources. In partnership with Academic and Instructional Services, and various colleges across campus, the OER Team is excited to offer grants to support instructors interested in adopting, adapting, or creating OER. Learn more about OER grants.

OER Faculty Champions

Jennifer Burbank

Headshot of Jennifer Burbank
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I like OER because it's a great supplemental resource and great for students. It's accessible and economical for a Gen Ed course.

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Melanie Chambers

Headshot of Melanie Chambers
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I've loved the flexibility of OER. Flexible for students to study with and for our faculty to innovate and possibly adapt.

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Carla Endres

Headshot of Carla Endres
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I like leveling the playing field and making it affordable for everyone.

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