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Commercial Use of Special Collections and Archives

In addition to the normal reproduction fees, all commercial and/or promotional use of SCA materials will be subject to a $25 fee per image.
Commercial use includes:
  • Use as ambiance in a commercial establishment.
  • Use by a commercial entity for advertising or in a presentation, brochure, report, or other commercial publication.
  • Use by a not-for-profit agency for promotion including selling tickets, advertising, or fund-raising.
  • Use on a cover of a book.

Commercial/promotional use does not include:

  • A commercial entity using an image to promote USU or USU Special Collections and Archives.
  • A commerical entity using an image to raise money for a charity.
  • A commerical entity using an image for research or fair use purposes.
  • A limited-run family history.
Please contact Special Collections and Archives to discuss further commercial use of SCA material.