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4316 Nicosia, Gerald The Two Lowells of Jack Kerouac Coventry, England Beat Scene Press 1988 PS 3521 .E735 Z793 Paper, with blue & pink endpapers, staple-bound in pale grey, black-printed wrappers, cover illustration by Lowell artist Janet Lambert Moore; First Edition, 20 pages. The text of a talk prepared by Gerald Nicosia for the Lowell Conference of Biographers at the dedication of the Jack Kerouac Memorial Park in Lowell, MA in 1988. Published in a limited edition of 115 copies. Jim Jones Collection.
4317 Gargiulo, Charles (et al) Kerouac's Lowell Places: A Guide Lowell, Mass. Lowell City Library n.d. PS 3521 .E735 Z6232 Two-sided 16-panel fold out poster folded into a long pamphlet shape, front cover features duotone photo of Kerouac: Tangiers, 1957, by Allen Ginsberg printed in terra-cotta on textured cream paper; with text. Guide includes Kerouac- an Appreciation; Kerouac in Print; The Lowell Books; The Lowell Places with street map & several duotone photos of Lowell places, including Kerouac's grave. Kerouac was born at 9 Lupine Road, in the Centralville section of Lowell, on March 12, 1922. He was raised and educated there until 1939 leaving to study at Horace Mann High School and Columbia University. Lowell always remained an important part of Kerouac's emotional landscape. He celebrates the virtues of that small New England mill town in a number of his works. Jim Jones Collection.
4318 Sampas, Charles G. Sampas That was the Way it Was ... Lowell, Mass. self-published? 1986 PS 3521 .E735 Z6222 Paper, oblong format, perfect bound stiff illustrated paper wrappers, printed in red splatter and black type. An illustration of Mr. Charles G. Sampas is also on the cover (from the Lowell Sun). 168 pp. Material Collection of historical "Sampascoopies" columns originally published in the Lowell Sun, compiled by Marina Sampas Schell (daughter of Charles Sampas). The subjects include silk and textile mills, Concord and Merrimack Rivers, missions, anti-slavery demonstrations, domestic life, Andrew Jackson . . . and more. The articles are reproduced just as they appeared in the Lowell Sun. No statement of edition or printing. . Jack Kerouac worked as a sports reporter for The Lowell Sun for a short period in 1941 after leaving Columbia University. Charles Sampas was the brother of Sammy and Stella Sampas --- Kerouac's third wife. Jim Jones Collection.
4319 Ronan, Stephen The Sun: Jack Kerouac finds peace and honor at last in Lowell Berkeley, California Beat Books 1988 PS 3521 .E735 Z626 Paper, side-bound with green slide binder in two white card sheets; cover illustrated with photocopy picture of Kerouac and title printed in black. Beat scrapbook series #1 "Here collected all pertinent material [photocopied news clippings] from the Lowell Sun for the ten days surrounding the dedication of the Jack Kerouac Commemorative & Eastern Canal Park on the 25th of June 1988" -- p. [56] Jim Jones Collection.
4320 Hoffenberg & Southern Candy Studio City, California Hawkeye Entertainment 1989 Beat Media: PS 3569 .O8 Sound recording, (1989, 2 Audio Cassettes) housed in full color illustrated paper & vinyl album featuring a pop-art rendition of lips and a lollipop on the cover. Read by Terry Southern. Total playing time approximately 3 hours; distributed by Dove Books on Tape. Southern and Mason Hoffenberg collaborated on this irreverent and definately bawdy tale. Initially banned on publication (even in France) and published under a pseudonym, the now-classic Candy is a hilarious and raunchy story about the ridiculously sweet Candy Christian, a wide-eyed, luscious, all-American girl. Candy -- a comic parody of Voltaire's Candide -- chronicles her adventures with mystics, sexual analysts, and everyone she meets when she sets out to experience the world in what is widely regarded as "a notorious satire on pornography." The production company, Hawkeye Entertainment, was a joint venture of Terry Southern and the musician, Harry Nilsson, incorporated in 1985. "This recording contains sexually explicit material that may be offensive to some audiences." Jim Jones Collection.
4321 Lord Buckley A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat Enigma Retro 1989 PN 6162 .L67 M67 Beat Media; Music CD in jewel-case with full color illustrated card wrappers. TRACKS: Bad-Rapping of the Marquis de Sade-King of the Badcats; Governor Slugwell; The Raven (The Bugbird); The Train; The Hip Einie. Richard Myrle Buckley (b.1906-d.1960). An American stage performer and recording artist, he took on the title "his Lordship" in the 1950s. Buckley is most known for his fabulous raps, recasting incidents from history, classic literature, and mythology into "a patois that blended scat-singing, black jive talk, and the King's English." From Be Bop to Shakespeare Buckley has been described as a "jazz comic" (joining improv and comedy), a storyteller, philosopher, & above all an extraordinary performer. Ken Kesey described Lord Buckley as "a secret thing that people pass under the table." Buckley's artistic influence is acknowledged by Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, Lenny Bruce, Jonathan Winters, and Robin Williams. George Harrison's 1977 song "Crackerbox Palace" was named after Buckley's tiny Hollywood dwelling. In 1960, and again in 1980, City Lights Books in San Francisco published the lyrics to some of His Lordship's routines called Hiparama of the Classics. (It is currently out of print.). Jim Jones Collection.
4322 Shore, Howard Naked Lunch: Music from the original soundtrack U.S.A. Milan America: BMG Music 1992 M 1527 .S567 N35 Music CD in full-color illustrated jewel-case; features the music from the original soundtrack to the movie version of William Burroughs' Naked Lunch, composed by Howard Shore and featuring free jazz musician Ornette Coleman. Based on a down-beat version of "beatnik" jazz, this is the music Burroughs and friends like Allen Ginsberg cultivated, the cool New York sound. The music sounds as if it was being played on a record player in the next door apartment. Jim Jones Collection.
4323 Video. Ginsberg, Allen Allen Ginsberg: When the Muse Calls, Answer! United States In Our Time Arts Media, Inc. 1990 PS 3513 .I74 Z52 Beat Med VHS Video in color-photo illustrated box featuring Ginsberg; running time: 30 minutes. A short profile of Allen Ginsberg includes footage of the poet reading excerpts from his work and discussing his life as a writer. One of a series Profiles of Contemporary American Authors produced by Tom Vitale, a cultural correspondent for National Public Radio. Jim Jones Collection.
4324 Byrum, John Heart Beat Burbank, California Orion Pictures / Time Warner 1990 PN 1997 .H435 VHS Video, Color, 105 minutes; rated R; packaged in color photo- illustrated box featuring stars Nick Nolte, Sissy Spacek, & John Heard. "Heart Beat" is a 1980 film written and directed by John Byrum. One of the first serious films about the "beat generation" based on the memoir by Carolyn Cassady, the film portrays her life with Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac as part ode to the Beat Generation, part domestic comedy, and part travelogue. Jim Jones Collection.
4325 Kerouac Video On the Road with Jack Kerouac Los Angeles Active Home Video 1990 PS 3521 .E735 Z68 VHS Video, black & white and color; 73 minutes; Not rated, packaged in red, yellow & blue graphic box featuring duo-tone photos of a young Kerouac. This award-winning documentary on Jack Kerouac features interviews with Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs; combines rare documentary footage and a powerful portrayal of Kerouac by actor Jack Coulter. Jim Jones Collection.
4326 Burroughs, William S. Burroughs: The Movie Bowery, New York Citifilmworks 1983 PS 3552 .U75 Z57 Beat Me VHS Video, color; 87minutes; Not rated, packaged in color illustrated clam-shell box featuring an iconic portrait of William S. Burroughs by Kate Simon on the cover; a back cover photo of Burroughs dressed as a blood-splattered doctor by Kevin Gordon. Directed by Howard Brookner this is the first long feature documentary ever made about literary legend William S. Burroughs, one of the most radically subversive figures of the 20th century and Godfather to Beat writers such as Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. The film features Burroughs and many of his contemporaries including Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin, Francis Bacon, Herbert Hunke, Patti Smith, Terry Southern, and Lauren Hutton. In December 2012 Aaron Brookner, a nephew of the late filmmaker, Howard Brookner, raised enough funding on KickStarter ( to undertake the restoration of the original film to DVD, including out-takes. It is slated to be released for Burroughs 100th Birthday (February 2014). Jim Jones Collection.
4331 Mann, Ron Poetry in Motion Chicago Home Vision Entertainment 2002 PS 615 .P59 BEAT Media CD: Color; 90 minutes; originally issued in 1982. Called the "Woodstock of Poetry" by American Film, and "Dazzling" by the Los Angeles Times, POETRY IN MOTION is an unprecedented anthology of twenty-four leading North American poets who sing, chant, anything but "read" their work. The result is a celebration of poetry's ancient oral tradition and an energetic demonstration that verse is alive and thriving in the media-blitzed age. Featuring, among many others, Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, John Cage, Allen Ginsberg, Tom Waits.
4330 shaw, george bernard
4332 Mann, Ron Poetry in Motion II New York Voyager 1995 PS 615 .P595 BEAT MEDIA: CD. Color, Mann's brilliant film brings the work of twenty-four North American poets to life, including works by Spalding Gray; Cookie Mueller, and Philip Whalen. Companion to the first Poetry in Motion. Ron Mann's film created a whole new genre: the dramatic pairing of written text and video performance. Includes interviews with Charles Bukowski, Diane di Prima, and more.
4335 Jackson, Ian & Ann Arnold Ranjitsinhji's 9000 Elephants Visit Serendipity Books Berkeley, California Serendipity Books 1996 Z 286 .A55 J23 Parchment colored paper bound in glossy white paper wrappers with cover illustration printed in black & red. This is the facsimile edition of a manuscript volume, published in a limited edition of 500 copies. The book is illustrated with 32 line drawings, printed recto only and un-paginated. A charming fable about 9,000 elephants' visit to Serendipity Books, wreaking havoc on the bookshop and the ensuing chaos left behind. The story was originally written for the author's young son -- one of a series of the elephant herd's adventures.
4336 Aaron, Richard (editor) AM HERE BOOKS Catalogue Five 1981/82 Santa Barbara Am Here Books 1982 Z 999 .A4 Full title: Am Here Books: In the Beginning Was the Word. Catalogue Five, 1981/82. Paper, bound in white printed wraps featuring a cover design by Richard Aaron, this is the special edition with a 7-inch record included in an envelope at the back of the catalogue. Featuring a collection of post-modern poetry, books, manuscripts & letters, including brief descriptions and annotations for over 2000 items. The included record contains a recording of William S. Burroughs reading his poem, "The Last Words of Hassan-i-Sabbah". Text of the poem is printed inside the catalogue, along the headers of each page. 146 pages, including annotations on Robert Creeley, Ed Dorn, Charles Plymell, Tom Clark and more.
4339 Kerr, Mary San Francisco's Wild History Groove California CA Palm ( 2011 PS 228 .B6 S26 BEAT MEDIA: DVD. Directed by Mary Kerr; a California Beat-Era Documentary. 59 minutes. In black & white and color. In Northern California, new art and poetry was seen and heard in the coffee houses and bars in San Francisco's North Beach. Occasionally, these avant-garde individuals opened cooperative galleries and staged their own events. Living and working in warehouses, storefronts or in old Victorians throughout the city, these spaces became another setting to show work, share ideas, socialize and produce art. This documentary details this wild slice of the history of art. With footage of Wally Hedrick, Deborah Remington, Roy de Forest, Aya, David Meltzer, Jay DeFeo, Dimitri Grachis, Adelle and Jack Foley, Ron Loewinsohn, Joann Low, Bob Branaman, ruth weiss, and David Simpson.
4340 n/a Poet, Writer Bukowski dead of pneumonia at 73 Lawrence, Kansas Lawrence Journal-World 1994 PS 3552 .U4 P59 1994 MAR Newspaper clipping of Charles Bukowski's obituary from the Lawrence Journal-World newspaper, 9 March 1994
4341 Strachan, Don A Pulpy Receptacle of Bad Karma, self-pity and vengeance Los Angeles Art Kunkin (L.A. Free Press) 1971 PS 3552 .U4 S77 Photocopy of 4 pages taken from the Los Angeles Free Press, July 23, 1971. Description p. 4 : ill. ; a brief article describing a meeting with Charles Bukowski, with photo of the poet; also, a supplement (2 pages) about the underground newspaper Open City accompanying the article. At head of that text: "Here is one of the best pieces ever written about Open City - the author wishes to remain anonymous."
4342 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence Love is No Stone on the Moon Berkeley ARIF Press 1971 PS 3511 .E557 L6 Pamphlet, Sexto-decimo [5" by 7.5"] Staple bound in illustrated wraps of pale blue paper. An automatic poem SIGNED on cover by Ferlinghetti. Eight pages. Original text from unknown source, Ferlinghetti scrawls in magic marker his poem across the width of the pages; Includes some graphic elements.
4343 Kaufman, Alan & Diane Spen Viva Ferlinghetti San Francisco Word Land Books 1994 PS 3511 .E557 Z95 Paper, Spiral-bound in wraps; SIGNED by Ferlinghetti on front cover. Tributes and poems by Ginsberg, McClure, Whalen, Waldman and others, and includes Ferlinghetti comments throughout. Illustrated with black & white photographs; the publication was issued to commemorate the San Francisco street naming honoring the poet. With 12 b/w photographs; 1 Musical Example by Steve Wilson (Illustrator).
4345 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence & N 1986 catalog of City Lights Publications San Francisco City Lights Books 1986 Z 473 .C58 C58 1986
4346 Finch, Peter (editor) For Jack Kerouac: Poems on his Death Cardiff, Wales Second Aeon Publications 1970 PS 3521 .E735 Z6325 Paper, 28 page mimeographed booklet, staple-bound in black & orange illustrated wrappers; the first U.K. small press homage to Jack Kerouac after his death in 1969. Small chapbook includes a short Kerouac bibliography and Kerouac's List of Essentials. Poems by George Dowden (Ginsberg's first bibliographer), Iain Sinclair, Bob Cobbing, Anslem Hollo , William Wantling, Peter Finch and others.
4347 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence Love in the Days of Rage: a novel New York E.P. Dutton 1988 PS 3511 .E557 L59 Trade paper bound in full-color illustrated wrappers; cover illustration by Louis Olivenica. This was Ferlinghetti's first novel in 20 years. This short novel, set in Paris during the 1968 student revolt, details the love affair of Annie, a young American artist in Paris, and an anarchist banker, the mysterious Julien Mendes. Primarily a novel of ideas, more French than American in concept, this book is full of political debate, symbolism, and literary allusions. In this lyrical, poetic book the love story achieves meaning only in relation to larger social concepts such as capitalism, anarchism, and freedom.