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IDAuthorTitlePlacePublisherDateCall NumberDescription
4199 Carolan, Trevor Giving Up Poetry: with Allen Ginsberg at Hollyhock Banff, Alberta Canada Banff Centre Press 2001 PS 3513 .I74 Z593 Paper, trade edition bound in full-color illustrated wrappers; SIGNED by the author on the title page. In May 1985, author, journalist and aspiring poet Trevor Carolan had the opportunity to attend a workshop and Buddhist meditation retreat led by Allen Ginsberg at Hollyhock Farm on Cortes Island, British Columbia. This memoir recounts Carolan's insightful observation of Ginsberg and the author's own transformation under Ginsberg's influence.
4200 Leary, Timothy Start Your Own Religion Hong Kong Forgotten Books 2012 BF 207 .L437 Paper, trade edition bound in illustrated wrappers. Classic Reprint Series printed this facsimile of an original pamphlet first published in1967; 27 pages. This is one of Leary's most important titles, written during his Millbrook years at the height of the Psychedelic Revolution. Besides advice for dropping out, turning on and tuning in, it includes by-Laws and guidelines for the legal incorporation of a new religion. Illustrated with photographs of life at Millbrook; the poor reproduction quality reflects the self-published nature of the pamphlet and early computer printing. The publisher of this reprint, Forgotten Books, offers a variety of non-fiction material utilizing the latest technology to regenerate facsimiles of historically important writings. The books may also be read for free on their website.
4201 Leary, Timothy The Intelligence Agents Tempe, Arizona New Falcon Publications 1996 HM 391 .L377 Paper, trade edition, bound in color-photo illustrated wrappers; 224 p. with black & white illustrations throughout. A collection of memos, articles, pictures, etc. written in "future history" recording life on planet earth during Leary's lifespan as reflected in social, moral, religious and scientific satire. Including articles by and about people who are changing the meaning of freedom all over the world, all of them addressed at redefining the way we look at the humanity. This is the fifth and final volume of Dr. Leary's Future History Series. Leary, a world-renowned psychologist, philosopher, and cultural guru, died in 1996.
4202 Evans, Paul O.I.N.C. An Adventure Story Essex, England University of Essex 1975 PR 6055 .V34 O56 Paper, side-stapled mimeo; unpaginated with type printed on one side only. 'This book is issue No.4 of The Human Handkerchief.' Unpaginated. A prose piece, this is a hallucinatory adventure novel written to accompany the 13 splendid illustrations by Peter Bailey; One of 200 copies. Paul Evans (1945-1991) was an English poet associated with the British Poetry Revival in the late 1960s. Evans' work has a dreamy tone and surrealist images. Evans wrote his M.A. thesis at the University of London on Robert Duncan.
4203 Ankenbrand, Frank Jr. By Their Works Shall Ye Know Them (Ernest Hemingway 18_ -1961) Torrance, Calif. Hors Commerce Press 1964 PS 3501 .N5696 B9 Paper booklet bound in stiff brown paper wrappers with portrait of Ernest Hemingway on the cover by Ben Tibbs. A first edition limited to 400 copies printed on fine blue-grey paper; "No. 3 - Hors Commerce Press 1964 Series" on back cover. This publication is a solo selection of a long poem in honor of Ernest Hemingway. Frank Ankenbrand Jr., a noted poet during the 1930s-60s, and was also a publishing partner in ALPRESS which turned out quality limited volumes.
4204 Nhat Hanh Viet Nam Poems Santa Barbara, Calif Unicorn Press 1967 PL 4378.9 .N55 T4613 Paper, hand bound in oblong brown and black printed wrappers, rice-paper title pasted on cover with calligraphy by Vo-Dinh, stiff red wraps underneath. Seven leaves, unpaged, printed one side. Type hand set and printed letterpress by Noel Young on handmade Hotta and Origami rice papers. Text Second Edition, printed November 1967. Thich Nhat Hanh (b.1926) is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, teacher, author, poet and peace activist. He is regarded as the founder of Engaged Buddhism.
4205 Maya (Pamphlet) Mill Valley, Calif. Maya 1969 PS 615 .M38 Pamphlet, One broadsheet [21 x 39 cm] folded into thirds, creating 6 pages. Illustrated cover titled "Maya" and dated 1969. 1000 copies of this pamphlet were printed for the Santa Barbara Poetry Festival by Clifford Burke and available free of charge. Features three poems: Everybody lying on their stomachs ... [First line: The corrugated roof] / by Gary Snyder.--A poem for my wife [First line: I'm in my room writing] / by David Meltzer.--I might have been a monk [First line] by Jack Shoemaker. Includes advertising for Maya Broadsides; Quartos; and forthcoming Maya Books.
4206 Heagy, H. Lee Self-Defense: A Mythology New York City White Lion Press 1964 PS 3515 .E233 S45 Cream Paper printed in brown, one broadsheet, 56 x 22 cm, folded to 28 x 22 cm. Printed as 2 pages with illustration (of a lion) on "front" and editor Thule Stone's commentary on the back. Inside opens full-length with the poem printed in a calligraphic hand.
4207 Hollander, Benjamin Levinas and the Police Tucson, Arizona Chax Press 2001 PS 3558 .O34923 L48 Paper, artist book, 18 pages letterpress printed on Mohawk Superfine paper and hand-sewn in Okawara paper as inner covers. Outside wrapper is Fabriano Rosaspina, folded into three panels and featuring a colored image by Bracha Lichenberg Ettinger, reproduced from a painting. Number 23 of 125 copies. A stunningly imaginative long poem inspired in part by the Jewish Lithuanian philosopher Emmanuel Levinas's writings on ethics and the Other. This poem sets the foundation for a new genre -- detective poetry -- built on a complex matrix of actions and characters. The structure and rhythm of the poet's speech patterns owes much to Hollander's multi-cultural background that includes his early life in Israel and fluency in German, English, and French.
4208 Cook, Elizabeth Visual Play: A Green Dance in Three Acts New York Assembling Press 1983 PS 3553 .O5522 V58 Paper, artist's book, spiral-bound at top, bright green paper, illustrated; Offset printing, 30 pages. Created through random processes: the artist took 3 large mixing bowls and a list of 40 things with green in their names that one might see from a boat. The first bowl collected deions of possible actions; the second bowl names of possible characters; and in the third bowl, names of possible scenes. The play evolved through random choices until the slip of paper with the word "end" appeared. The acts are interspersed with double pages of illustrations of frogs, fish, and turtles.
4209 lantz, christopher love is a firecracker Vancouver, B.C. bluointmentpress 1981 PR 9199.3 .L345 L68 OVER Paper, 14 broadsides printed one side only on 8 ½ x 11" sheets + 1 sheet colophon all enclosed in a 3-color printed envelope featuring a sample of concrete poetry; Visual typewriter poems; first edition. blewointment [bluointmentpress on cover], began life as a mimeographed periodical notable for its often hand-decorated covers and inserts. It began to publish pamphlets and chapbooks by individual authors in 1967 and published the early work of many experimental poets.
4210 Berkson, Bill Recent Visitors [with LAID IN ITEMS] New York City Angel Hair Books 1973 PS 3552 .E7248 R43 Paper, staple-bound in bright orange glossy wrappers illustrated by George Schneeman who also did the drawings throughout. Published in an edition of 1000 copies. (This is a copy 2 of the Angel Head Press publication.) LAID IN: 1. Picture postcard "Tarjeta Postal" featuring full-color photo illustration of a woman in a regional costume of Mexico; on reverse: "MERRY CHRISTMAS DAVID + TINA!! & LOVE [singed] Bill [Berkson] LAID IN: 2. White Card, 36cm. x 14cm., folded in half; printed in black with illustration on front cover and a poem titled FUTURE HAY printed inside. SIGNED Bill [Berkson] and Lynn. LAID IN: 3. Single page, mimeo printed account of son's birth [ in Bolinas, California, on January 1976] by Berkson's wife, Lynn [artist Lynn O'Hare]. HANDWRITTEN NOTE stapled to page: "Dear Tina & David - It was all so overwhelming it took me 3 months to put it on paper -- I mean I wrote it one night 3 months after I'd stopped shaking! / Much love to you & girls / Lynn."
4211 Boffey, Peter Hudson Poem unknown self-published 1970 Paper, 8 ý x 11 sheets with six varied color pages (blue, pink, salmon & white, designating the four parts of the poem) mimeo-printed both sides (12p.) , top left corner staple. At the end of the poem (p.12) is a hand-written note by the author, Peter Baffey, to Jerome [Rothenberg]: "Jerome -- I enjoyed your reading -- singing at Bard + I thank you for all the great work you have done for all of us -- Peter Baffey / Hope you like Poem + Map -- musics [sic] I think you'll enjoy." (The poem is dedicated to Robert Kelly & the Coda for Steven Kushner. Dated Spring 1970 )
4212 Micheline, Jack Angel Baby unknown A Midnight Special Production 1971 PS 3563 .I334 A66 Paper, 5 pages, mimeo printed on one side only, staple-bound in a brown file folder with "Angel Baby By Jack Micheline" printed in green felt-tip pen on the cover. A draft, with corrections, of a short story by Jack Micheline, c.1971, includes proof readers marks and corrections. Originally composed by Micheline on December 24, 1970 at Irvington, On The Hudson, N.Y. Beginning in 1969, Micheline would self-publish many books which he mimeographed and hand-bound in stapled folders, usually under the imprint Dead Sea Fleet Editions or Midnight Special Edition. The publications were primarily short-run editions of 100 books or less, and now are very rare.
4213 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence A Coney Island of the Mind Salem, Mass. Rykodisc 1999 BEAT MEDIA. CD: Lawrence Ferlinghetti published A CONEY ISLAND OF THE MIND, his most celebrated collection, in 1955 at the height of the Beat Generation. This recording presents Ferlinghetti reading the 29 sections of the title work and five other poems also from the original collection, accompanied by music composed by Dana Colley, saxophonist of the boho-rock band Morphine. Before this release, there was no complete CD album of Ferlinghetti's 30-poem cycle, The Coney Island of the Mind. From poem to poem, Ferlinghetti varies his voice, using a conspiratorial whisper or a conversational singsong or a comic, exaggerated New York accent. Ferlinghetti's signature piece is a perfect example of beat literature with its union of sexual imagery and introspection into the soul of youthful America. Five other poems complete the cycle: I am Waiting; Autobiography; Dog; Christ Climbed Down and #11 (from Pictures of the Gone World).
4214 Editors: John Moulder, Marc Ca The Lodestar Broadsides Boulder, Colorado Lodestar Press 1974 BROADSIDE COLLECTION: PS Poetry broadsides in various colors, printed on laid paper, issued with title sheet in brown portfolio, lettered "The Lodestar Broadsides" with black star logo. 14 Broadsides; 33 x 22 cm. Printed by letterpress. This is number 137 of an edition of 150. Contents: Somoza unveils Somoza's statue at the Somoza Stadium (Ernesto Cardenal); From Panama or the adventures of my seven uncles (Blaise Cendrars); I was born to speak your name (Tom Clark); On Bear's Head (Maria Gitin); The Territory (Carlos Reyes); Walking down Market Street (Aram Saroyan); Materialism (Marilyn Thompson); Amazing grace (Carol Bergé); Names to the flint (Clark Coolidge); Night in NYC: for Angus (Robert Creeley); No radio (Larry Eigner); Woman I wanted to speak to goes down to a meeting (Charley George); Knee deep in bleeding harts (Charles Potts); Of East Dennis: The Highlands, In Sorrow (Theodore Enslin).
4216 Jones, LeRoi Tales New York Grove Press 1967 PS 3552 .A583 A15 Paper, Evergreen trade edition bound in bright orange & black pictorial wraps. Cover design by Roy Kuhlman. Photographer: Unknown. Sixteen short stories, both autobiographical and experimental, that document Jones' movement to "a blacker self" in prose. Provocative collection by a controversial writer, now known as Amiri Baraka, he was one of the important literary and political figures of the sixties Black Power scene.
4218 Venn, George Sunday Afternoon: Grande Ronde Portland, Oregon Prescott Street Press 1975 PS 3572 .E48 S96 Paper, staple-bound in illustrated brown wrappers, limited to 500 copies. Cover and illustrations by Ian Gatley; this is Venn's first book. This copy SIGNED & INSCRIBED by the author on the flyleaf, with a personal note to Tom Lyon (former Professor of English Literature at USU): "For Tom Lyon who gives trees standing; who knows how freely they give us all paper, oxygen, thick images, shade, joy -- what we need to continue." George Venn (1943): poet, writer, literary history, editor, linguist and educator is a noted regional poet based in the western U.S.
4219 Wilson, Keith Retablos Los Cerrillos, New Mexico San Marcos Press 1980 PS 3573 .I457 R4 Paper, staple bound in tan & brown, illustrated wrappers, with the cover design by Robert Davis. INSCRIBED on the title page: "for Tom, in friendship, Keith Wilson / Provo / July 1981." Keith Wilson (1927-2009) was an internationally known poet and Las Cruces' first and only poet laureate. His credentials range from Beat to Cowboy to university professor. Tom [Lyon] was a USU professor in the English Department and a leading scholar in the field of Western and environmental literature.
4220 Wilson, Keith Thantog: Songs os A Jaguar Priest Dennis, Mass. Salt Works Press 1977 PS 3573 .I457 T4 Paper, letterpress printed and hand-sewn in brown paper wrappers printed in black & yellow with deep golden deckle-edge endpapers; 40 pages. Edition limited to 400 copies, a beautiful, small press production.
4221 Wilson, Keith Rocks Oshkosh, Wisconsin Road Runner Press 1971 PS 3573 .I457 R63 Paper, staple-bound in sienna wrappers, illustrated with the Native American trickster deity, Kokopelli, often depicted as a humpback flute-player. Cover design by the poet. Complete title is Rocks: Some stanzas for Tomorrow or Yesterday / Poems by Keith Wilson. INSCRIBED,on flyleaf: "for Tom, Jan & the Kids with all good wishes, Keith." From the library of Tom Lyon, retired professor in USU's English Dept.
4222 Caldiero, Alex The Sonosopher: Alex Caldiero in Life ... in Sound Salt Lake City Dream Garden Press 2010 PS 3553 .A394935 Z676 Video, DVD. 61 Minutes, Color & B/W. In full-color photo-illustrated case. Includes booklet featuring "fixing the Sonosopher," an essay by Scott Abbott; and "Basilica of S.Francesco, Assisi" by Caldiero. A documentary by Torben Bernhard and Travis Low, "The Sonosopher" is an experiential voyage into the peculiar life and art of Alex Caldiero. Tracing his birth and childhood in rural Sicily as well as his coming of age as a poet in New York City, Caldiero is found living in conservative Utah years after his conversion and separation from Mormonism. The film explores Caldiero's lifelong artistic investigation into "Sonosophy", a unique hybrid of sound, poetry, and philosophy. Borrowing techniques from such diverse genres as avant-garde film and cinama verite "The Sonosopher" portrays Caldiero's life and work at its most traditional and most bizarre. Utilizing these diverse methods, the filmmakers artfully blend current performance and interview footage, 8MM family videos, and archival material to tell the intimate story of this largely unknown artist.
4223 Williams, Jonathan J.W. on the Road Selling that Old Orphic Snake-Oil in the Jargon-sized Bottles, 1951-1978 Washington, D.C. Visual Press 1979 PS 3545 .I52966 Z63 Paper, staple-bound in black & white photographic wrappers. One of 300 copies of this small artist book of stylized photographs printed in blues, greens and bronze. Published to celebrate the 50th birthday of Jonathan Williams, Black Mountain College alumnus, poet, publisher and photographer. Williams founded the Jargon Society providing an early publishing outlet for writers such as Charles Olson, Robert Creeley, Denise Levertov, Robert Duncan, Mina Loy, Lorraine Niedecker, Kenneth Patchen and many others. Williams died in 2008.
4224 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence at sea: A Poem for Pablo Neruda San Francisco City Lights; Meridian Press 2011 PS 3511 .E557 A9 Paper bound, letterpress printed on Arches paper and sewn into beautifully illustrated wrappers with a linoleum print cover designed and printed by Katherine Case. Exquisite handmade letterpress edition of Lawrence Ferlinghetti's new poem, this is copy number 31 of an edition of 250 SIGNED and numbered copies.
4225 Blatt, Veryl The Way it Was Torrance, Calif. Hors Commerce Press 1964 PS 3552.L3918 W3 Paper. A single sheet, printed in red and black, folded twice and tipped into a red & yellow colored folder with a finished size of 4 1/4" x 5". Poem about slavery with "first printing of a 100 copy folder edition" on colophon. Veryl Blatt, together with her husband Jean Rosenbaum, was planning to gather and edit a collection of Charles Bukowski's letters. There are several circa 1960 letters addressed to her in Bukowski's "Living on Luck: Selected Letters 1960s -- 1970s, Volume 2."