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IDAuthorTitlePlacePublisherDateCall NumberDescription
4159 Smith, David E. [M.D.] (editor Journal of Psychedelic Drugs: Current Marijuana Issues, Volume II, Issue I, Fall 1968 San Franicisco The Haight-Ashbury Medical Clinic 1968 Paper, Xerox printed and staple-bound in illustrated drab green wrappers. 166 pp. From the hippie heart of the Flower Children movement of the 1960s, this journal was launched in 1967 by David E Smith, M.D., founder of the Haight- Ashbury Free Clinic. It is an authoritative peer-reviewed quarterly periodical containing timely information of a multidisciplinary nature for clinicians and other professionals in the drug abuse field as well as interested nonprofessionals. This issue was published as a result of the Marijuana Symposium at the University of California Medical Center, March 23, 24, 1968. Includes essays on different aspect of marijuana including use, abuse, toxicity, social aspects, epidemiological aspects, regulation, legislation, cannabis chemistry, and medical use. The book contains tables, footnotes, references, bibliography, and notes. Gift of Dr. Franklin R. Cole.
4160 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence After the Cries of the Birds San Franicisco Dave Haselwood Books 1967 Paper bound in blue, gold-yellow, and white stapled-wrappers, as issued; canary yellow endpapers. First edition, includes two works. "After the Cries of the Birds" is a poem about San Francisco in the future, in which Ferlinghetti explore the idea that there is a "real" America still to be discovered. "Genesis Of" [p. 13-18] is an essay documenting the preceding poem's inspiration, originally written for presentation at the Berlin literarisches Colloquium and read by the author, together with the poem itself, in Berlin in February, 1967.
4161 Janes, Kelly My Life in Pictures Torrance, Calif. Hors Commerce Press 196? PS 3560 .A473 M8 Paper, staple-bound in red-printed cream wrappers. 8 pages. Four poems by Janes published by this non-establishment press. Janes was an Ohio poet.
4162 McClure, Michael The Mammals San Francisco Cranium Press 1972 First Edition. Paperback bound in photo-illustrated pink and green wrappers featuring Tasmanian Wolves on cover. Photograph of McClure on back; 94pp: B/w photos & illustrations. A collection of what McClure calls his "renegade plays" : The Blossom, or Billy the Kid; !The Feast!; Pillow; and Documents. As McClure says in his brief introduction: "The plays have pleased the actors and small audiences and displeased critics. That is the way it should be."
4163 Rothenberg, Jerome FORUM Binghamton, New York Binghamton Chapter of United Univ. Professors 1987 Newsprint broadside; illustrated with several black & white photographs. Published monthly (October through May) by the Binghamton Chapter of United University Professions. Volume II, No. 6 [April 1987]. This issue features an interview: "Literacy and the Roots of Poetry: A Conversation with Jerome Rothenberg" conducted by Frederick Garber. Rothenberg had just joined the faculty at the State University of New York, Binghamton where Garber was a Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature.
4164 Asher, Levi (editor) Beats in Time: Literary Kicks Covers the Beat Generation, 1994-2005 New York City Literary Kicks 2011 PS 228 .B6 B439 Paper, trade edition, bound in illustrated black and white wrappers. Cover by David Richardson. First Edition.A sampler of material published by Levi Asher on the website, Literary Kicks. Established in 1994 this popular site is a digital library of poetry, prose, biography and cultural criticism primarily dedicated to the Beat Generation and its reoccurring relevance in the 21st century. The book features a collection of eighteen articles on the Beats selected by Asher that offer a fresh look at the Beat counter-culture and its enduring place in U.S. culture and history. Features interviews with William S. Burroughs, Diane DiPrima, John Allen Cassady, and David Amram.
4165 Roberts, Dr. Thomas B. Psychedelic Horizons Exeter, U.K. Imprint Academic 2006 BF 209 .H34 R63 Paper, bound in full color illustrated wrappers. Foreword by Roger Walsh. Dr. Thomas Roberts, educational psychologist, Professor Emeritus at Northern Illinois University, and founder and instructor of the only continuous college curriculum on psychedelic drugs since the 1980s, envisions what could be the future of psychedelic research and the clinical applications of psychedelic substances. Beyond the psychedelic experience or its uses in psychotherapy, this book views psychedelics' implications for a number of topics that illustrate the potential benefits and awesome possibilities psychedelics offer humanity.
4166 Ball, Martin W. The Entheogenic Evolution: Psychedelics, Consciousness and Awakening the Human Spirit U.S. Kyandara Publishing/Martin W. Ball 2008 BL 65 .D7 B35 Paper, perfect-bound in full-color illustrated wrappers. Entheogen (meaning "generating God within" ) was first coined as a term by Gordon Wasson in the late Seventies but as a reading of the psychedelic experience it has a much longer history. Presently, it appears, the entheogenic reading has become the dominant paradigm for the counterculture. The author makes a case for the value and significance of direct spiritual experience through entheogen use and how they can alter our collective understanding of the nature of reality and our personal relationship with the divine.
4168 Ginsberg, Allen Chicago Trial Testimony San Francisco City Lights Books 1975 KF 224 .D37 G45 Quarto, staple bound in glossy full color pictorial wrappers. 76 pages, stapled. The complete verbatim tran of Allen Ginsberg's peace Conspiracy testimony as witness for Yippie-Activist-Pacifist defendants in 1969 Chicago Seven trial, presided over by the obstructive Judge Julius J. Hoffman. A cult-countercultural classic bound in comic-book format with covers illustrated by Pat Ryan. City Lights Trashcan Series, no.1.
4169 Ginsberg, Allen The Riverside Interviews 1: Allen Ginsberg London Binnacle Press 1980 PS 3513 .I74 Z85 Paper, side-staple bound in photo-illustrated glossy wrappers featuring a black & white photo of Ginsberg on cover. First Edition, 51 pp. Printed recto-only, with introduction, selective bibliography, and illustrated with b/w photos. One of 600 copies. Transcribed and edited by Gavin Selerie.
4170 Ginsberg, Allen Prose Contribution to the Cuban Revolution Detroit Artists Workshop Press 1966 PS 3513 .I74 P75 Paper, staple bound in printed saddle stitched wrappers with a photocopied portrait of Ginsberg on the front cover. [18] pp., one of a 1000 copies printed by John and Magdalene Sinclair. First Separate Edition, (first published in Pa'lante magazine, 1962). From the rear cover: " an important statement on consciousness-expansion by the major American poet Allen Ginsberg..."
4171 Sanders, Ed Poem From Jail San Francisco City Lights Books 1963 PS 3569 .A49 P63 Paper, staple-bound in plain white wrappers, title on cover, in black. Ed Sander's first notable poem, it was composed on toilet paper in his cell after being jailed for protesting the launch of nuclear submarines armed with nuclear missiles in 1961.Sanders [b.1939] is an American poet, singer, social activist, environmentalist, publisher, author, proprietor of Peace Eye Bookstore, and a longtime member of the band "The Fugs". Also, publisher of the avant-garde "Fuck You: A magazine of the Arts". Sanders work spanned and linked the Beat and Hippie generations.
4172 Callahan, James D. Christ: A Symposium Torrance, Calif. Hors Commerce Press 1964 PS 3553 .A4215 C57 Paper, staple-bound in white wrappers illustrated with a hippie cartoon Christ on a motorcycle in black with red printing. Limited to 500 copies, this is one of the scarcer books by this press. Internal pages include black & red-lettered mimeo-printed illustrations on yellow paper depicting irreverent testimonies by Joseph, Mary, John, Mary M., Peter, "Small Boy" (from the parable of the loaves & fishes), Pilate, Paul and Judas regarding their relationship with Jesus.
4173 Perret, Christopher Memoirs of a Parasite Torrance, Calif. Hors Commerce Press 1965 PS 3566 .E693 M46 Paper, staplebound in textured, yellow card wrappers illustrated in black & red; First edition. [32 pp]. One of 200 copies. Poems with Perret's own illustrations. Preface by Alan Sillitoe. Christopher Perret was born in 1930 in France. His writings and illustrations appeared in magazines in the U.S. and Europe, and he published two volumes of poetry. He died in 1965.
4174 Minton, Patty [ed.] Paper Dragon, Issue 1 Boise, Idaho Boise Public Library 1968 PS 508 .T44 P37 Paper, side-staple bound in illustrated yellow wraps. [12p.] The premier issue of a small magazine written by and for teenagers from four Boise, Idaho area high schools and published by Boise Public Library in cooperation with the Idaho State Library. The issue includes book reviews and comments, original poetry, short stories, and art work.
4175 Wilson, Robert Anton Way Out Brookville, Ohio School of Living 1965 HQ 799.9 .P6 I55 Paper, side-staple bound in printed white wrappers. September-October issue titled: "Inside the Youth Revolt" on the cover. An anarchist magazine with contributions by Mildred Loomis, Franklin Rosemont, Ben Zablocki, Norman Mailer, and others. In 1962 Robert Anton Wilson became the editor of the "School of Living" publication "Balanced Living" and changed the name to "Way Out. Wilson was friends with Alan Watts, Timothy Leary, Paul Krassner, William Burroughs and others in the 1960s.
4176 Fairfield, Richard (ed.) Modern Utopian, Vol.3, #2 Berkeley, California The Modern Utopian 1968 HX 654 .T55 Paper, staple-bound in brown, photo-illustrated wrappers. Illustrated. Utopian community quarterly newsletter, featuring articles on homesteading in New Mexico, "Censorship" by Russell A. Hoelscher; "Modern Utopian Book & Record Reviews: Stranger in a Strange Land," by C.R. Bass, and more. From 1966-1972, Richard Fairfield edited and published The Modern Utopian, which he founded as a magazine of social change that reported on the developing communal movement in the United States. It was the first magazine member of The Underground Press Syndicate (UPS). A few of these communities, such as Ant Farm or Drop City, were started by artists and have left a legacy of innovation in artistic, design, and counter-cultural practices. Similar to the Whole Earth Catalog, The Modern Utopian connected individuals to larger movements and information. The journal chronicles ways that social works were being built.
4177 Hazard, James The Day the War Ended ... and other poems Torrance, Calif. Hors Commerce Press 1964 PS 3558 .A987 D3 Paper, staple-bound in black & red illustrated deckled card wraps; text printed on buff colored laid paper. 24pp. Cover art and book design by David Stanislaus. One of 300 copies. The author taught creative writing at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee at the time of publication.
4178 Wilson, Keith Psalms for Various Voices University Park, New Mexico tolar creek syndicate 1969 PS 3573 .I457 P73 Paper, mimeo-printed, staple-bound in illustrated blue card wrappers; cover by Lucy Evans. Keith Wilson [1927-2009] an important Southwest poet (and teacher of poetry at New Mexico State), was part of a community of new American writers that included Bob Creeley, Gary Snyder, Robert Sward, Barney Childs, Paul Malanga, Drummond Hadley, Diana Hadley, George Bowering and many others. Gino Sky and Drew Wagnon, editors of the mimeographed little magazine Wild Dog, were the first to publish Wilson's work.
4179 Fles, John Lawrence Lies Crucified Studio City, California Three Penny Press 1959 PS 3556 .L475 L38 Paper, 22 pp, mimeographed on multi-colored papers and staple-bound in boldly illustrated black & white wrappers. First Edition. Includes an afterword from the editor Grover Haynes. Hand-lettering by Rosie Haynes. Five poems by John Fles, (b.1936), an American poet, editor, and underground film promoter in Los Angeles. Fles was an editor at the Chicago Review, a contributing editor of Kulchur and has poetry published in all the Beat literary magazines. In 1959 he was involved in founding the influential literary magazine Big Table. Fles also edited 'The Trembling Lamb' a one shot literary magazine that published pieces by Antonin Artaud, LeRoi Jones, and Carl Solomon.
4180 Kherdian, David Gary Snyder: A Biographical Sketch and Deive Checklist Berkeley, California Oyez 1965 PS 3569 .N88 Z735 Paper pamphlet staple bound in original printed green paper wrappers. First Edition, with erratum slip laid in, frontispiece portrait by Don Allen. An early biographical sketch and checklist of Gary Snyder's work. Limited to 500 copies.
4181 Nash, Jay Lost Natives & Expatriates Torrance, Calif. Hors Commerce Press 1965 PS 3564 .A68 L667 Fine textured paper staple-bound in yellow laid-paper wrappers, printed in black with red illustrations on front & back covers. First edition limited to 200 copies. Poems printed in black with red illustrations printed on verso throughout. Drawings by Jerry Walker. Jay Nash was an editor of "Literary Times" and "Gadfly".
4182 Dorn, Edward Edward Dorn Interviews: Writing 38 Bolinas, California Four Seasons Foundation 1980 PS 3507 .O73277 Z475 Paper, perfect bind in burnt sienna wrappers, cover illustrated with a drawing by Fielding Dawson. Edited by Donald Allen. A collection of six interviews with Dorn by various contributors. The interviews cover a range of topics including Dorn's Black Mountain College experiences, the San Francisco poetry scene, and in-depth discussions of Dorn's "Gunslinger." The Four Seasons Foundation was established by Donald Allen. It published the work of a number of writers that appeared in Allen's landmark 'The New American Poetry, 1945-1960".
4183 Goodell, Larry Ode Placitas, New Mexico duende press 1964 PS 3557 .O55 T5 Paper, typed fold-out page, approximately 8 1/2 x 26 inches, stapled in brown toned, illustrated wrappers featuring a collage by Bobbie Creeley (Bobbie Louise Hawkins). "Thoughts Have Wings" printed on cover. Photo of "Fireplace in the James Babson Shop" is missing (a copy of the original page is laid in for reference. Larry Goodell did graduate work at the University of New Mexico where he studied with Robert Creeley. He also learned directly from contemporary poets Charles Olson, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Duncan, Denise Levertov, and Philip Whalen at the Vancouver Poetry Festival 1963, and from Ed Dorn, Jack Spicer and the British novelist Ann Quin at the Berkeley Poetry Festival 1965. Goodell founded duende press in 1964 and published many new writers including Robert Kelly, Larry Eigner, and Judson Crews. In the 70's he put out Fervent Valley, a contemporary poetry and art magazine.
4184 Harriman, John He had something to say though not at his age with the way he said it New York White Lion Press 1970 PS 3558 .A6356 H4 Paper. A single folded sheet, (42 x 57 cm, folded to 22 x 19 cm.) with 6 panels on each side when unfolded. All panels are unnumbered. The "outside" contains six panels of text with reverse, blank. Folded to form three double leaves ([6] p.); title from the first line of poem. Jazz poetry is a unique subgenre in jazz and an evolving art form. Harriman's most well-known for "Poem for Adolph Eichman."