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IDAuthorTitlePlacePublisherDateCall NumberDescription
4141 I & M Ottenheimer Secrets of the Black Arts! a Key Note to Witchcraft Baltimore I. & M. Ottenheimer n/d Paper, bound in color printed white wrappers. Cover features image of a witch riding a broomstick with black cat on her shoulder, printed in blue & white on a dark red background. Full title: "The secrets of black arts. A key note to witchcraft, devination, omens, forewarnings, apparitions, sorcery, daemonology, dreams, predictions, visions, and, the devil's legacy to earth mortals; compacts with the devil!" 96 pp. A friend of the artist Wallace Berman, Cameron (Marjorie Cameron Parsons Kimmel) (1922-1995) was a charismatic painter, occult practitioner, and a follower of Aleister Crowley. Many in the beat generation explored Eastern religions, particularly Buddhism, but there was also an attraction to the pagan, earth-centered religions and certainly the occult. Such influences provide a vivid picture of subculture within subcultures. A gift of Franklin R. Cole.
4142 Rosevear, John Pot: A Handbook of Marihuana New York University Books 1967 Hardbound in brown buckram covered boards with photo-illustrated green, black & white dust jacket. In the spirit of scientific inquiry Rosevear grew a patch of pot within a few blocks of the local police station and was subsequently arrested and eventually sentenced to 1 - 10 years (he served one). The book is full of contemporary drug lingo and what a reviewer referred to as 'A biased it's-a-crime-that-it's-a-crime handbook.' The book is a history of Marihuana, its cultivation, and its chemical and psychic properties. Gift of Franklin R. Cole.
4143 Fleming, Dave The Complete Guide to Growing Marihuana San Franicisco Sundance Press/Peace Press 1970 Booklet, staple bound in photo-illustrated green & black printed wrappers featuring a close up of a marihauana plant on the cover. First Edition, second printing of a minor classic, 43pages, plus an unpaginated with Crop Log. Illustrated with b/w plates. This very first marijuana growing book sold for $1 (and has been out-of-print for decades). Author Fleming says: "it is not the intention of this book to encourage anyone to break the existing law, but 'whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well' and it is in this spirit that this book was written." Gift of Dr. Franklin R. Cole.
4144 Petersen and Stillman, Editors Cocaine: 1977, NIDA Research Monograph #13 Washington, D.C. U.S. Govt. Printing Office 1977 Journal, bound in black & white wrappers. One of a series of government supported publications researching psychoactive drugs. Includes a bibliography, summaries of psychosocial research, and The Lifestyles of Nine American Cocaine Users. A Gift of Dr. Franklin R. Cole.
4145 Singer, Arnold J. (Editor) Marijuana: Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Patterns of Social Use New York New York Academy of Sciences 1971 Bound periodical in blue and white printed wrappers. Volume 191 of this science series. A collection of scientific articles on (1) Chemistry and Pharmacology, and (2) Psychopharmacology and Sociology. A Gift of Dr. Franklin R. Cole.
4146 Brecher, Edward M. Licit and Illicit Drugs; The Consumers Union Report on Narcotics, Stimulants, Depressants, Inhalants Boston Little, Brown and Company 1972 Paper trade edition, bound in green, red, and yellow colored wrappers. 623 pages, including notes and index. Brecher's work is a masterpiece, documenting and objectively analyzing the impact of different drugs on physical and psychological health, the history of drug use, and the repeated (and futile) attempts over the centuries to use legal prohibitions to curb consumption of drugs ranging from coffee to heroin. Comprehensive and still relevant today. A gift of Dr. Franklin R. Cole.
4147 Newton, Huey & Ericka Hugg Insights & Poems San Francisco City Lights Books 1975 PS 3564 .E96 I5 Paper, bound in brown, yellow & white illustrated wrappers, with duo-tone photos of Newton & Huggins on back cover. First Edition, 84 pages; the book features Huggins' introspective poetry and drawings, along with insights by Huey Newton, a leading figure in the Black Panther Party during the late sixties when the Black Nationalist Movement was on the rise. The book includes an introduction by Zentatsu Richard Baker, of the San Francisco Zen Center.
4148 Callahan, James D. Cyanide and Sociey: a vers libre collection Torrance, Calif. Hors Commerce Press 1964 PS 3553 .A4215 C93 Paper, elongated pamphlet printed on textured, rust-flecked paper staple-bound in cream wrappers, illustrated in black & red. Cover art by David Stanislaus. First edition, limited to 300 copies. [1964]. A collection of nine poems by Callahan.
4150 Nahas, Gabriel G. (ed.) Marihuana: Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Cellular Effects New York Springer-Verlag 1976 Hardbound, in illustrated board wrappers. A scientific text collecting papers presented at the Helsinki Symposium on Marihuana, 1975, a conference organized under the aegis of the 6th International Congress of Pharmacology. Illustrated with charts and graphs throughout, this monograph reports the latest findings on the chemical effects of long-term marihuana use. Gift of Dr. Franklin R. Cole.
4153 Grinspoon, Lester (Dr.) Marihuana San Franicisco W.H. Freeman and Co. 1969 QP 801 .C27 G75 Paper, staple-bound in simple white wrappers. Number 524 of Scientific American Offprints. 3-hole binder punched. Copy of an article on Marihuana originally published in the December 1969 issue. Dr.Lester Grinspoon, a Professor at Harvard Medical School, became interested in marijuana in the 1960s when its use in the United States increased dramatically. He was certain that it was a very harmful drug. When Grinspoon began studying marijuana in 1967, his intention was to "define scientifically the nature and degree of those dangers" but as he reviewed the existing literature on the subject Grinspoon reached the conclusion he and the general public had been misinformed and misled. "There was little empirical evidence to support my beliefs about the dangers of marijuana," and he was convinced cannabis was much less harmful than he had believed. Dr. Grinspoon testifies that there is no rational basis in science for criminalizing use of marijuana. A gift of Dr. Franklin R. Cole.
4154 Barron, Frank (Dr.) et al The Hallucinogenic Drugs San Franicisco W.H. Freeman and Co. 1964 RM 324.8 .B377 Paper, staple-bound in simple white wrappers. Number 483 of Scientific American Offprints. 3-hole binder punched. Copy of an article on Hallucinogenic Drugs originally published in the April 1964 issue. Dr. Frank Barron and Dr. Timothy Leary coauthored many publications and collaborated as partners in research through the 1950s. It was Barron that introduced Dr. Timothy Leary to hallucinogenic psilocybin mushrooms for the first time when Barron was the co-director of the Psychedelic Research Project at Harvard in 1960-61. Dr. Barron invited Dr. Leary to work with him. There studies included the Harvard Psilocybin Project and established Frank Barron and, especially, Timothy Leary, as founders of the Psychedelic Movement of the 1960s. The two also worked together and collaborated on research projects at UC Berkeley. Dr. Barron died in 2002. A gift of Dr. Franklin R. Cole.
4271 Kowit, Steve (editor) The Maverick Poets Santee, California Gorilla Press 1988 PS 615 .M39 Paper, trade edition bound in glossy black & white illustrated wrappers with cover cartoon by Charles Bukowski; first edition, 146 pages. An anthology of work by 40 American poets including Bukowski, Raymond Carver, Billy Collins, Jane Cortez, Gregory Corso, Allen Ginsberg, Joanne Kyger, Harold Norse, and Gary Snyder. Illustrated with seven drawings by Charles Bukowski; 15 more by other contributors. Edited by Steve Kowit who provides the introduction.
4156 Carol, Estelle [et al] The Incredible Shrinking American Dream: An Illustrated People's History of the United States Boston Alyson Publications` 1981 Paper, large format trade edition bound in red, white and blue illustrated wrappers featuring a cartoon Uncle Sam and a shrinking American flag. Authors include Estelle Carol, Rhoda Grossman & Bob Simpson of the Chicago Comic Book Project. The Project was founded in 1973 to produce art that promotes the general interest of working people. A good example of critical comic-book history of the United States produced by American left historians, utilizing a form already popular in other countries, particulary Mexico. A pedagogical comic book, the model mixes critical analysis with irreverent humor and an informal and lively cartoon style. The book includes a bibliography and index. Published by Alyson Publications, the world's oldest and largest publisher of LGBT fiction and non-fiction. A gift of Franklin R. Cole.
4158 Zerkin, E. Leif [et al] editor Journal of Psychoactive Drugs: A Multidisciplinary Forum for the Study of Drug Culture: Volume 13, N San Francisco Haight-Ashbury Publications 1981 Paper, perfect bound journal in white, full-color illustrated wrappers. The first journal established in the United States to focus on psychoactive drug abuse, and continues to introduce groundbreaking work in topics such as drug use and criminality, therapeutic communities, dual diagnosis, psychotherapy/counseling, methadone maintenance treatment, and culturally relevant substance abuse treatment. A gift of Franklin R. Cole.
4159 Smith, David E. [M.D.] (editor Journal of Psychedelic Drugs: Current Marijuana Issues, Volume II, Issue I, Fall 1968 San Franicisco The Haight-Ashbury Medical Clinic 1968 Paper, Xerox printed and staple-bound in illustrated drab green wrappers. 166 pp. From the hippie heart of the Flower Children movement of the 1960s, this journal was launched in 1967 by David E Smith, M.D., founder of the Haight- Ashbury Free Clinic. It is an authoritative peer-reviewed quarterly periodical containing timely information of a multidisciplinary nature for clinicians and other professionals in the drug abuse field as well as interested nonprofessionals. This issue was published as a result of the Marijuana Symposium at the University of California Medical Center, March 23, 24, 1968. Includes essays on different aspect of marijuana including use, abuse, toxicity, social aspects, epidemiological aspects, regulation, legislation, cannabis chemistry, and medical use. The book contains tables, footnotes, references, bibliography, and notes. Gift of Dr. Franklin R. Cole.
4160 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence After the Cries of the Birds San Franicisco Dave Haselwood Books 1967 Paper bound in blue, gold-yellow, and white stapled-wrappers, as issued; canary yellow endpapers. First edition, includes two works. "After the Cries of the Birds" is a poem about San Francisco in the future, in which Ferlinghetti explore the idea that there is a "real" America still to be discovered. "Genesis Of" [p. 13-18] is an essay documenting the preceding poem's inspiration, originally written for presentation at the Berlin literarisches Colloquium and read by the author, together with the poem itself, in Berlin in February, 1967.
4161 Janes, Kelly My Life in Pictures Torrance, Calif. Hors Commerce Press 196? PS 3560 .A473 M8 Paper, staple-bound in red-printed cream wrappers. 8 pages. Four poems by Janes published by this non-establishment press. Janes was an Ohio poet.
4162 McClure, Michael The Mammals San Francisco Cranium Press 1972 First Edition. Paperback bound in photo-illustrated pink and green wrappers featuring Tasmanian Wolves on cover. Photograph of McClure on back; 94pp: B/w photos & illustrations. A collection of what McClure calls his "renegade plays" : The Blossom, or Billy the Kid; !The Feast!; Pillow; and Documents. As McClure says in his brief introduction: "The plays have pleased the actors and small audiences and displeased critics. That is the way it should be."
4163 Rothenberg, Jerome FORUM Binghamton, New York Binghamton Chapter of United Univ. Professors 1987 Newsprint broadside; illustrated with several black & white photographs. Published monthly (October through May) by the Binghamton Chapter of United University Professions. Volume II, No. 6 [April 1987]. This issue features an interview: "Literacy and the Roots of Poetry: A Conversation with Jerome Rothenberg" conducted by Frederick Garber. Rothenberg had just joined the faculty at the State University of New York, Binghamton where Garber was a Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature.
4164 Asher, Levi (editor) Beats in Time: Literary Kicks Covers the Beat Generation, 1994-2005 New York City Literary Kicks 2011 PS 228 .B6 B439 Paper, trade edition, bound in illustrated black and white wrappers. Cover by David Richardson. First Edition.A sampler of material published by Levi Asher on the website, Literary Kicks. Established in 1994 this popular site is a digital library of poetry, prose, biography and cultural criticism primarily dedicated to the Beat Generation and its reoccurring relevance in the 21st century. The book features a collection of eighteen articles on the Beats selected by Asher that offer a fresh look at the Beat counter-culture and its enduring place in U.S. culture and history. Features interviews with William S. Burroughs, Diane DiPrima, John Allen Cassady, and David Amram.
4165 Roberts, Dr. Thomas B. Psychedelic Horizons Exeter, U.K. Imprint Academic 2006 BF 209 .H34 R63 Paper, bound in full color illustrated wrappers. Foreword by Roger Walsh. Dr. Thomas Roberts, educational psychologist, Professor Emeritus at Northern Illinois University, and founder and instructor of the only continuous college curriculum on psychedelic drugs since the 1980s, envisions what could be the future of psychedelic research and the clinical applications of psychedelic substances. Beyond the psychedelic experience or its uses in psychotherapy, this book views psychedelics' implications for a number of topics that illustrate the potential benefits and awesome possibilities psychedelics offer humanity.
4166 Ball, Martin W. The Entheogenic Evolution: Psychedelics, Consciousness and Awakening the Human Spirit U.S. Kyandara Publishing/Martin W. Ball 2008 BL 65 .D7 B35 Paper, perfect-bound in full-color illustrated wrappers. Entheogen (meaning "generating God within" ) was first coined as a term by Gordon Wasson in the late Seventies but as a reading of the psychedelic experience it has a much longer history. Presently, it appears, the entheogenic reading has become the dominant paradigm for the counterculture. The author makes a case for the value and significance of direct spiritual experience through entheogen use and how they can alter our collective understanding of the nature of reality and our personal relationship with the divine.
4168 Ginsberg, Allen Chicago Trial Testimony San Francisco City Lights Books 1975 KF 224 .D37 G45 Quarto, staple bound in glossy full color pictorial wrappers. 76 pages, stapled. The complete verbatim tran of Allen Ginsberg's peace Conspiracy testimony as witness for Yippie-Activist-Pacifist defendants in 1969 Chicago Seven trial, presided over by the obstructive Judge Julius J. Hoffman. A cult-countercultural classic bound in comic-book format with covers illustrated by Pat Ryan. City Lights Trashcan Series, no.1.
4169 Ginsberg, Allen The Riverside Interviews 1: Allen Ginsberg London Binnacle Press 1980 PS 3513 .I74 Z85 Paper, side-staple bound in photo-illustrated glossy wrappers featuring a black & white photo of Ginsberg on cover. First Edition, 51 pp. Printed recto-only, with introduction, selective bibliography, and illustrated with b/w photos. One of 600 copies. Transcribed and edited by Gavin Selerie.
4170 Ginsberg, Allen Prose Contribution to the Cuban Revolution Detroit Artists Workshop Press 1966 PS 3513 .I74 P75 Paper, staple bound in printed saddle stitched wrappers with a photocopied portrait of Ginsberg on the front cover. [18] pp., one of a 1000 copies printed by John and Magdalene Sinclair. First Separate Edition, (first published in Pa'lante magazine, 1962). From the rear cover: " an important statement on consciousness-expansion by the major American poet Allen Ginsberg..."