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Writing a book or major article or research project and need to have materials checked out for an extended time period? With In-Office Renewal, faculty and staff working on a major project can keep eligible books for an extended period of time. Instead of renewing each book yourself, a library staff member will come to your campus office to renew all your books on a yearly basis until the end of your project.

To apply, complete the form below. For questions about In-Office Renewal, contact Vicki Read at (435) 797-2914 or, or read our In-Office Renewal Policy.

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In-Office Renewal Policy

Who qualifies?

Faculty and staff with library privileges that require materials for an extended period of time for a specified project.

What kinds of materials are eligible?

Only Library-owned books in the general collection are eligible for In-Office Renewal. Interlibrary loan materials, media items (CDs, DVDs, VHS, etc), course reserve materials, items in the new books display, Special Collections items, and journals cannot be extended through this program and still retain standard checkout times and late fees.

How long can I checkout eligible books?

After you apply for In-Office Renewal, you will be assigned a global return date for all your materials. This due date will be a year from the checkout of the first qualifying book or can be adjusted to your estimated project completion date, not to exceed a year. Whether you checkout materials the first day you are given your account or the day before your return date, all materials will be due back the same day.

Are my materials subject to recalls and holds?

Yes. In order to keep borrowing equal to all USU students, faculty and staff, items may be recalled or placed on hold at any time. You must be able to return items at a week’s notice, regardless of time remaining on checkout.

Why does the library need to verify the status of materials?

University accountants and the state of Utah require a yearly inventory and status update of books listed in our catalog. This includes books checked out to all patrons. Through In-Office Renewal, our staff will come to your office by appointment and assess the status of all item listed on your account.

Can I return my books early?

Yes, if you decide to return your materials early, you may do so at any time.

Can the library come to my home or off-campus office to verify materials?

No, we cannot come to your home. All campus offices are eligible for In-Office Renewal. If your office is at a regional campus, please contact the Circulation Department at (435) 797-2914 for renewal options.

What if I am not available on the due date for the verification process?

You may contact the library to make an earlier appointment to verify your materials or you may return the materials. If you do not make an earlier appointment, you will be responsible for any and all fines associated with the materials.

Questions or Concerns?

Vicki Read
Head of Patron Services
(435) 797-2914