Utah State University Libraries Privacy Statement

USU Libraries adheres to FERPA requirement regarding patron information (http://familypolicy.ed.gov/?src=ferpa.) We follow Utah State Law regarding access to patron records and information. For more information regarding this code refer to Utah Code, Title 63. State Affairs in General 63-2-302. Private Records.

Unless required by law, patron information is not provided to non-USU entities or any other person or organization except the owning patron on the account. To safeguard patron information once a book is returned to the library the link between a patron and the item checked out is deleted. The only exception to this deletion is for books with fines or those books regarded as “lost” on a patron’s account. USU Libraries periodically collects aggregated data for the purpose of assessing library & university services and resources.

USU Libraries website may contain links to other resources that are independently managed. The Library also contains links to sources outside the university. These sites may have their own privacy policy or may have none at all. We urge you to use caution when providing personal information to any of these websites.