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This month's digital collection spotlight explores the legend and death of Old Ephraim -- the last known grizzly bear in Utah.

In the early twentieth century, one bear was well-known to all of the sheepherders of Cache Valley. They called him Old Ephraim. He had a deformed foot with three toes that made it easy for the sheepherders to know when Old Ephraim attacked their sheep. In 1913 local sheepherder Frank Clark had had enough and decided to catch and kill Old Ephraim. But at nine feet and eleven inches tall, Old Ephraim was a very large bear, and he was clever. Catching him did not turn out to be an easy task for Clark to accomplish. The image to the left is all that remains of Old Ephraim.

To continue reading the story of Old Ephraim and examine photographs and documents related to the bear explore our Old Ephraim digital collection.