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Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey

Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey FAQ

Having problems viewing the survey?

You may be experiencing problems due to an ad-blocker installed on your browser. For help disabling ad-blockers, see these instructions, or contact Lindsay Ozburn, at lindsay.ozburn@usu.edu or (435) 797-0202.

What is the Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey?

The Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey is a web-based survey that allows faculty at Utah State University to express their attitudes and practices related to research, teaching, and publishing. Additional information about the survey can be found on the Ithaka S+R website.

What can the USU Libraries learn from the survey results?

The survey seeks faculty perspective on a range of topics, including how they engage with and perceive the Library. In particular, this survey will help the Library gain insight into how our faculty members work in a rapidly changing and increasingly digital environment. 

The Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey provides colleges and universities with the opportunity to survey their faculty on a variety of topics, including:

  • Discovery & access
  • Research practices, including data curation
  • Instructional practices
  • How faculty interact with library materials
  • Scholarly communications

How will the USU Libraries use the data?

Responses from the faculty survey will help shape the future of the USU Libraries’ services. We hope that this survey will help inform campus planning and decision-making with respect to research and teaching resources. The USU Libraries will also field the Ithaka S+R Graduate and Professional Student Survey in Spring 2020 to further inform campus planning and decision-making with respect to research and teaching resources.

Who are invited to participate?

Permanent faculty from all USU campuses are invited to participate in the survey. Participants will receive a unique survey link the first week of April, 2019.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

25-30 minutes

Survey Dates

Early April – Wednesday May 15, 2019

Questions & Comments

If you have additional questions or comments, please contact the Library’s Assessment Coordinator and Principal Investigator of this study, Lindsay Ozburn, at lindsay.ozburn@usu.edu or (435) 797-0202.

The IRB has granted exemption status to this study (IRB Protocol Number: 10177)

For more information, please see our Ithaka Survey FAQ.