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Faculty Workshop

Faculty Workshop

Revamp your research assignment: An interdisciplinary faculty workshop

Where: Merrill-Cazier Library, Room 122

When: Friday, April 21st, 2:00-4:30 pm

One of the major factors in helping students learn research skills is giving students authentic, interesting ways to practice and develop those skills.

As a partner in student learning, the Library is holding an afternoon workshop in which a selected group of faculty engage in collaborative assignment redesign. This dynamic event will provide an opportunity for intensive peer feedback from an interdisciplinary group of colleagues, including librarians. Apply for your spot today!

We hope to recruit a diverse group of faculty from a range of departments and regional campuses who are committed to providing students with better, more innovative opportunities to learn research skills in their disciplines.

Participants will…

  • Submit a research assignment to the event coordinators by March 31st
  • Review 3 peers’ assignments between April 7th and April 21st
  • Attend the workshop on April 21st
  • Receive a $250 stipend for their participation (plus travel and lodging for Regional Campus faculty)
  • Deposit revised assignment for inclusion in USU’s Digital Commons (optional)

Workshop spots will be filled on a rolling basis until March 17th.

Apply for your spot today!

For questions, contact Kacy Lundstrom: or (435) 797-2285.