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Election Reflections Collection

Election Reflections Collection

Just in time for the United States presidential inauguration, Utah State University Library launches the Election Reflections Collection, a social media collecting project. The collection boasts 233 reflections about the 2016 presidential election results. The respondents are from 27 U.S. states and four foreign countries.

The social media collecting project is a first for the USU Library. It launched November 9, 2016, the day after the election, as social media "blew up" with personal reactions on the election results. It ran for one month. USU Special Collections curators knew it was important that we collect and preserve these reflections, and fast.

Using social media to promote the project, those who contributed to the project were able to do so in under 20 minutes and all online. Survey respondents were asked to share their thoughts on the election and had the option to provide additional information about themselves.

View the collection.