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Digital Library Spotlight - July 2015

Cache Valley, Utah is the home of Burmese Muslim, Karen, and Eritrean refugees. Documenting and preserving their stories is an important goal of Utah State University's Fife Folklore Archives (FFA). In May 2015, USU's FFA and Folklore Program, with help from the Karen community, hosted a Library of Congress Field School for Cultural Documentation: "Voices: Refugees in Cache Valley." Field school students worked to document Cache Valley's recent refugee communities. Explore the work of the field school through the digital exhibits: Burmese Muslim, Karen, and Eritrean or view the full collection in USU's Digital Collections.

Digital Exhibits:     Voices: Burmese Muslim Refugees in Cache Valley     Voices: Karen Refugees in Cache Valley     Voices: Eritrean Refugees in Cache Valley Digital Collection: Cache Valley Refugee Oral History Project