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Digital Library Spotlight - April 2015

Monument Valley, with skyward reaching red rock monuments, has long been symbolic of the rugged deserts of the American West. However, before Western films and television shows established its fame, Monument Valley was virtually inaccessible for locals and tourists. Even after the invention of the automobile, the absence of an effective road system in the harsh terrain did little to heighten its accessibility. Dolph Andrus, of Bluff, Utah, set out to change that and was convinced that he could open Monument Valley to automobile tourism.

Explore Monumental Highway through the viewfinder and words of Andrus and company in the Monumental Highway Expeditions Digital Exhibit - the featured digital exhibit for April 2015. The bulk of this collection consists of the photographs taken during these tours of Monument Valley, Natural Bridges National Monuments, Zion National Park, the Colorado River, and the San Juan River.

Explore the Dolph Andrus Monumental Highway Expeditions Digital Exhibit

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