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Featured Digital Collections - March 2015

Any conversation about controversial Utah politicians must include J. Bracken Lee (1899-1996). The six-term mayor of Price, two-term governor of Utah, and three-term mayor of Salt Lake City was a staunch economic conservative who fought to cut taxes and trim what he saw as wasteful government spending. His small-government fiscal conservatism inspired a sizable following across the state, but Lee's penchant for blunt honesty and personal confrontation also earned him a number of enemies. With a 36-year career in both state and local politics, Lee is remembered as one of Utah's most legendary elected officials.

This featured digital collection for March 2015 contains photographs, newspaper articles, campaign ephemera, transcripts, correspondence, and audio recordings that span Lee's entire life, from birth to retirement. While these papers are physically housed at the Utah State University-Eastern in Price, Utah, you can sample some of the most significant documents and recordings from Lee's remarkable career in the J. Bracken Lee Digital Exhibit.

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