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2012 USU Faculty Author Spotlight

The Merrill-Cazier Library is showcasing all of the 2012 Faculty Authors and their books in the Richard Schockmel USU Collections Room on the 2nd floor of the Library. We are proud of USU's faculty authors! This week we are highlighting:

Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang, Assistant Director for Utah Climate Center, Assistant, Professor Department of Plants, Soils, & Climate Robert Gillies, Director/State Climatologist of Utah Climate Center, Professor, Department of Plants, Soils, & Climate Wang, Shih-Yu & Gillies, Robert R. (Eds.) 2012. Modern Climatology. New York, NY: INTECH.

Open Access title available at: Climatology, the study of climate, is no longer regarded as a single discipline that treats climate as something that fluctuates only within the unchanging boundaries described by historical statistics. The field has recognized that climate is something that changes continually under the influence of physical and biological forces and so cannot be understood in isolation but rather is one that includes diverse scientific disciplines that play their role in understanding a highly complex, coupled "whole system" that is the earth's climate.