May 10, 2023

Weavings exhibit on display in Library

On Display: Now - June 12 | Merrill-Cazier Lirbary Lower Level

Author: Kellianne Gammill, Marketing Coordinator |

weavings an exhibition of woven art

Weavings Exhibit Showcases the Artistic Journey of Library Associate Dean Jeanne Davidson

Utah State University Libraries is proud to present “Weavings,” an exhibit featuring the work of Associate Dean of USU Libraries Jeanne Davidson. The exhibit, which opened May 10, will run through June 12 on the lower level of the Merrill-Cazier Library.

Jeanne Davidson

Library Associate Dean and featured artist of Weavings Jeanne Davidson

Davidson, who has been with University Libraries for 5 ½ years and will retire in June, is an accomplished weaver who has been exploring the art form since 2010. Her journey began when she visited her sister-in-law and was introduced to the loom and weaving process. Since then, Davidson has been on a constant journey of exploration, from planning to finished product. She has taught weaving, in person and online.

“Planning the journey requires thinking through all the details,” Davidson said. “How much yarn of each type and/or color do I need for warp? For weft? How many threads are needed and how many needed on each shaft?”

photo of weavings display

Crackle, overshot, summer & winter weavings featured

“Weavings” will showcase a diverse collection of Davidson’s works, each representing that unique journey. The pieces on display range from shadow weaves to twills, overshot to crackle and a variety of explorations with color.

The art of weaving is a textile production technique that involves interlacing two different sets of yarn or threads at right angles to create a fabric or cloth. Typically, a loom is used to hold the warp threads in place while the filling (weft) threads are woven through them. Davidson uses a Schacht Baby Wolf loom, among others, to create her weavings.

“Although weaving is done alone, it is not a solitary journey,” Davidson said. “My journey includes many other people – some I know personally and some I have never, and will never, meet.” Authors, creators of projects in magazines and members of weaving study groups have helped her along the way.

weavings display

Tartan plaid weavings featured

“Weavings” is a visual journey, showcasing the intricate details and techniques involved in Davidson’s work. Each piece highlights the planning, preparation and execution of the weaving process.

“I enjoy the entirety of the journey, from planning to finished product,” Davidson said. “Each project has a new starting point to a relatively unknown ending that is fully understood only when it comes off the loom.”

The exhibit is open and free to the public to those interested in the beauty and intricacy of textile art.