The Utah-Idaho Central Railroad: Northern Utah’s Interurban Experience


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The Utah-Idaho Central Railroad: Northern Utah's Interurban Experience

Following the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad at Promontory, Utah, in 1869, railroads became a popular means of transportation and a symbol of progress throughout the United States. Businessmen and companies in the West quickly attempted to connect to what had become the new economic lifeblood of the nation. In northern Utah, one man recognized the need for modernization and had the resources necessary to bring the benefits of railroad technology to Ogden and Cache Valley. David Ecclesa successful businessman, immigrant, and Utah’s first multimillionaire—created a foundation for an interurban system that would eventually reach from Preston, Idaho, to Ogden, Utah, transforming the region’s economy and social life for the extent of its existence (1900–1947). Following his death, his business partner and sons managed and constructed what would come to be known as the Utah-Idaho Central Railroad (U.I.C.). This digital exhibit, prompted by Providence City, will briefly explore the history of the U.I.C., its influence in Cache Valley, and will take a more focused look at its service and stories in Providence, Utah. 

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