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When can I submit my thesis/dissertation to the library for binding?
You may submit as soon as you have made all content corrections and obtained all signatures on your approval page. You must have all signatures to meet the first submission deadline.  


Where do I submit my thesis/dissertation?
Submit your completed document to the Merrill-Cazier Library - Second Level, Serials Desk.

Is there any paperwork that needs to be submitted with my document?

ETD Rights and Permission Form with signatures (required)

How long will it take to bind my thesis/dissertation?
We ship to the bindery once a month so it is possible it will take up to 8-weeks. There is a schedule posted at the Serials Desk.


After I submit my thesis/dissertation, what happens?

  1. First, make sure you return the signed receipt that you submitted your thesis or dissertation to Graduate School. Once the bound copies are ready, you may pick them up from the Current Periodicals Desk in the Merrill- Cazier Library, Monday through Sunday during regular business hours. You will be required to sign for the copies you receive. If you will no longer be in town, you must arrange for someone else to pick up your bound copies for you. The library will not mail your bound copies to you. Bindery deliveries are not always on time. To save yourself an unnecessary trip, you may call the Serials Desk at 797-2894 to verify that your copies are in the library and available for pick-up.
  2. The library will mail the department its bound copy and will send the required Special Collections copy to the Archives.
  3. Bound personal copies not picked up within six months of their return from the bindery will be sent to your department.

What fees do I have to pay?
You will be required to pay for the department copy, aprocessing and handling fee, and for any personal copies that you may want.


What is the optional copyright fee? Should I pay it?
The optional $65 copyright fee pays for ProQuest to file an application of claim of your copyright with the United States Copyright Office. You do not have to register your copyright, but you cannot sue for copyright infringement in the United States unless you have registered. For more information about copyright, see the U.S. Copyright Office’s Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright or http://www.copyright.gov/.

When is the optional copyright fee charged?
It will be charged when you upload your thesis and dissertation to the ProQuest website.


 Can I get personal copies bound for myself or my committee?
Additional bound copies are available for $ 15.00/copy.


Serials includes the following: