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Serials initiates, receives, and maintains subscriptions to journals, magazines, periodicals, and serial monographs. All serials received by the Merrill-Cazier Library are:

Find Online and/or Print Journals:

Help with finding online and/or print journals. Many of the journals the Merrill-Cazier Library subscribes to are available online although a fair number are still only available in print. Discover how best to verify whether the Merrill-Cazier Library subscribes to the journal you're interested in and whether the journal is available online or in print.

Requesting a New Journal Subscription:

Unfortunately, budgets and serials inflation being what they are, we can not start a new subscription without canceling a current subscription that has an equivalent dollar amount. However, we do an annual serials review to identify new journals that are a priority. Please, contact your Subject Librarian for help.


Serials includes the following: