Scheduling a Session

Before Scheduling a Session

Scheduling a Session: How to make your library instruction session more valuable to your students.

  1. Determine what you want students to be able to know and do as a result of the library session. Work with your subject librarian to make sure that there is enough time to cover everything during the scheduled session(s).
  2. Make sure they have some type of authentic assignment to practice what they learn in the library session. We advise against "exposure," scavenger hunt, and worksheet assignments that involve locating specific sources only to prove that students can locate them. Students need to understand why you want them to know about and use library sources.
  3. Schedule the session as close as possible to when they will actually be using library resources to complete the assignment. This is especially important if the session involves learning how to search a library tool. These skills are forgotten quickly unless students use them right away.
  4. Consider using a combination of online, "just-in-time" teaching materials and hands-on library sessions. Students often do best with a brief online demonstration of how to search a database, followed by a session with a librarian to get more substantive and individualized help on their research process.