Request Library Instruction

Contact your subject librarian to schedule library instruction sessions. Instruction can be scheduled in your regular classroom, or in one of our library computer classrooms. In addition, librarians can join your IVC/ broadcast courses or help you integrate our online learning modules into your course.

Please request a librarian 1-2 weeks in advance of your date of instruction. While availability of a librarian and/or classroom cannot be guaranteed, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Instructor presence required during library instruction session. Students often have questions relating to assignments that we can’t answer, and overall, we find the sessions are more effective for students if supported by their instructor.

Preparing for Library Instruction

To help you and your students get the most out of library instruction, consider the following:

What do students need to know or be able to do? Work with your subject librarian to make sure that there is enough time to cover everything during the scheduled session(s). Common targeted areas include refining a topic, evaluating sources, synthesizing information, understanding scholarly research, etc.

Choose research assignments that are directly related to coursework. Students need to understand why you want them to know about and use library sources. We advise against "exposure," scavenger hunt, and worksheet assignments that involve locating specific sources only to prove that students can locate them. We can help you develop your course assignments to use library instruction and information literacy concepts.

Schedule the session as close as possible to when students will actually be using library resources to complete the assignment. Instruction sessions are more valuable for students if they are used as an opportunity to jump start the research process, either during, or shortly after library instruction. We find that this helps students retain the concepts and skills they learn, especially if the session involves learning to use a database or other search tool.

Reinforce in-class learning with online modules and flipped classroom. Consider using a combination of online, "just-in-time" teaching materials and hands-on library sessions. Students often do best with a brief online demonstration of how to search a database, followed by a session with a librarian to get more substantive and individualized help on their research process.

Library Instruction Policy

The library cannot support in-person instruction for all courses offered at USU. For this reason, priority is given to courses with strong research goals and which serve as a “gateway to the major.”

While we cannot guarantee availability for in-person instruction, we can help you incorporate any of our canvas modules, database guides, and online research guides into your course. In addition, librarians are also available for in-person consultations to help support your students’ research needs.

Other Campus Student Support

We are happy to help support your students’ research and information literacy skills, including finding and ethically using information sources. However, we cannot provide expertise with student writing or other non-research related skills. Here’s a list of services offered on the USU campus which may be useful to you:

  • Writing Center (two locations)
  • Career Services - students can meet with a career coach, get help with resumes, and receive networking tips; faculty can schedule a career coach to come to their class and talk about resumes/cover letters.
  • Academic Success Center - study tips, test-taking skills, stress management, and much more
  • Science Writing Center (for science/engineering majors)