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Save, share, and analyze time series for public economic data. Go to the DataZoa login page and use your or e-mail address to create a personal account.

DataZephyr is a downloadable program that creates visualizations from multiple data sets saved in DataZoa. Download DataZephyr using this link, or log in to DataZoa and follow the instructions on the Find Data screen.
Note: DataZephyr is available for download only in Windows (7, Vista, and XP), but all other components are browser-based and also available for Mac.

See the DataZoa Help screen for more information about using DZ Boards to view and share data visualizations on any computer or mobile device as well as information about downloading and using the DZ-Dot browser add-on, which allows you to pull data from webpages directly into DataZoa or DataZephyr. See the Find Data screen for links to major sources of information that are compatible with DZ-Dot, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Department of Labor, the U.S. Census, the OECD iLibrary, and the Federal Reserve, as well as international sources.

Coverage: Varies by data source Access: USU & Eastern


Economy Reports; Data Analysis; Visualize Data; Longitudinal Statistics; Demographics; Employment; Unemployment; Minimum Wage; Industry Reports

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