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Contains current ecology research (from 1982 to present). One stop shop for information on how all kinds of organisms (microbes, plants, animals) interact with environments and other organisms. Includes papers on evolutionary biology and system analysis.

Coverage: 1982 to present Access: USU & Eastern


Algae and Lichens; Animals; Annelids; Aquatic Ecosystems; Arachnids; Arid Zones; Birds; Brackish Water; Bryophytes and Pteridophytes; Coastal Ecosystems; Conifers; Conservation; Control; Crustaceans; Ecosystem Studies; Fungi; Grasses; Grasslands; High Altitude Environments; Human Ecology; Insects; Legumes; Mammals; Management; Microorganisms; Molluscs; Nematodes; Paleo-Ecology; Plants; Pollution Studies; Reptiles; River Basins; Soil; Taiga and Tundra; Terrestrial Ecosystems; Vertebrates; Wetlands; Woodlands; ProQuest

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