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Search U.S. government technical reports issued primarily prior to 1975 and digitized by the TRAIL Working Groups. The Technical Report Archive & Image Library (TRAIL) project was formed to meet the challenges of access to technical report literature. TRAIL's collaborative effort leverages the contributions of institutions committed to increasing access to science and technology literature across many disciplines.

Coverage: 1900-2000 Access: Freely Available


Aerodynamics; Aircraft Design, Testing, and Performance; Nuclear Reactions; Uranium; Nuclear Reactors; Aircraft Propulsion and Power; Mining; Ore-Dressing; Coal mines and Mining--Safety Measures; Neutrons; Nuclear Fuel Elements; Mine Safety; Reactor Fuel Reprocessing; Leaching; Physics; Aircraft Stability and Control; Mine Ventilation; Chemistry; Metallurgy; Plutonium; Explosives; Flotation; Mining Engineering; Spectrum Analysis; Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics; Nuclear Reactors--Materials; Gamma Rays; Nuclear Fission; Heat--Transmission; Mine Explosions; Zirconium; Minerals; Coal--Analysis; Nuclear Reactors--Reactivity

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