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CollegeMedia Online Videos are provided by the Utah Education Network. Find films in areas of arts, education, humanities, natural science, medicine, and more. Copyright access has already been secured for educational use, enabling you to use these videos for your curriculum or class work. Search or browse over 1,500 films and over 1,200 sound files. Find films from PBS programs, local programs from KUED-7, and UEN education partners. Use your USU e-mail address to set up a free account.

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Online Videos; Streaming Videos; Art and Architecture; Business & Economics; Dance; Education; Environment; Health & Medicine; History; Language; Law; Literature; Media & Communications; Music; Philanthropy; Philosophy; Poetry; Political Science; Psychology; Religion; Agriculture; Anthropology; Archaeology; Astronomy; Biology; Chemistry; Computer; Engineering; Geography; Mathematics; Physics; Planetary; Society & Culture; Sociology; Sports; Technology; Theater; Women & Gender Studies

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