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Scientific and technical e-prints from a wide range of research activities relating to the Department of Energy. These e-prints reside on thousands of websites and databases, both large and small, at remote locations worldwide, employing a wide variety of technologies, architectures, platforms, formats, software, and search engines to manage and retrieve data. The E-print Network pulls these vast and widely dispersed data together through a Deep Web search capability that allows the patron to search across and into full text as it resides at the various hosting sites and, using the technical capabilities available at each site, returns results that can be combined, assimilated, and used in support of scientific research. In addition, access is provided to a vast store of e-print information available on the web through a browse capability across more than ten thousand sites.

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Biology and Medicine; Fossil Fuels; Biotechnology; Geosciences; Chemistry; Materials Science; Computer Technologies and Information Sciences; Mathematics; Energy Storage; Conversion and Utilization; Physics Engineering; Plasma Physics and Fusion; Environmental Management and Restoration Technologies; Power Transmission, Distribution, and Plants; Environmental Sciences and Ecology; Renewable Energy; Fission and Nuclear Technologies

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