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FOLK COLLECTION 11: The Skaggs Foundation Cowboy Poetry Collection

Date of Items: 1890-present
Register Prepared by: Randy Williams and Susan Gross, April 2004
Register Updated by: Randy Williams, 23 December 2009
Excel database transfered to MYSQL and uploaded (replacing PHP data): Colin Jackson, Fall 2010
MYSQL database updated: Randy Williams, January 2012
Linear Feet:20

Historical Note & Provenance

Folk Coll 11 is Utah State University's cowboy poetry collection. The collection, originally created by a generation donation by the L. J. and Mary Skaggs Foundation, includes books gathered during a fieldwork project in the early 1980s to document cowboy poetry in the U.S. west (see Folk Coll 11f). From this important fieldwork project came the impetus for the first Cowboy Poetry Gathering held in January 1985 in Elko, Nevada. Since that time, each January, the Fife Folklore Archives staff take the collection and Access database (that details each book, poem, author, first line and key words), to the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering for offsite use. Through University purchases and generation donations from poets and collectors, this collection continues to grow.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of 20 linear feet of books on cowboy poetry, including press and self published works. The collection can be accessed through USU Libraries online catalog.

As well, poem titles and keywords found in each book in the collection are included in the database below. To use, type in the search term. Tip: Try and use an uncommon word from the poem to ensure less "hits." For instance, if you enter "boots" you will get many hits; but if you enter "bones" you will most liley get fewer "hits" or poems and find the item you seek faster. To return to the search page, click "home" at the bottom of the page.


Poetry table.

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IDBook TitleComposerIndexPagesAuthorPoem TitleFirst LinesKeywords
2852 Ranch Tales of the Rockies FC 11 E-03 64 Harry Ellard The Dance at Stirrup Ranch There was hurrying and scurrying. Colorado, dance, celebration, Diamond T, Double X, Circle C, proposal, girlfriend, boyfriend
2853 Ranch Tales of the Rockies FC 11 E-03 71 Harry Ellard Leaving the Happy Hunting Grounds Progression, with her torch of light. progress, white man, Indians, land, encroachment, reservation
2854 Ranch Tales of the Rockies FC 11 E-03 78 Harry Ellard The Mining Prospector A mining prospector started out with his tools. prospector, mining, claim, human nature, greed, persistence
2855 Ranch Tales of the Rockies FC 11 E-03 82 Harry Ellard Christmas on Circle A Ranch "Well, boys, I think we'd better get. Christmas, celebration, holiday, Bar L8, Circle A, poker, covered wagons, settler, father, mother, son, gambling
2856 Ranch Tales of the Rockies FC 11 E-03 91 Harry Ellard A Cripple Creek Narrative When the Camp Cripple Creek first made a beginning. shoemaker, Quaker, mining, claim
2857 Ranch Tales of the Rockies FC 11 E-03 93 Harry Ellard The Cowboy Regiment We are coming, we are coming, more than a thousand strong. war, regiment, volunteers
2858 Ranch Tales of the Rockies FC 11 E-03 94 Harry Ellard The Passing of the Buffalo The buffalo, in herds of millions strong. buffalo, progress
2859 Ranch Tales of the Rockies FC 11 E-03 98 Harry Ellard Buck Fever Oh, the happy exultation, that filled my heart with hope. deer, hunting, game, youth
2860 Ranch Tales of the Rockies FC 11 E-03 100 Harry Ellard Song of the Lariat With nostril distended and wide-open eye. rope, roping, lariat
2861 Ranch Tales of the Rockies FC 11 E-03 102 Harry Ellard The Round Up Up the steep side of the mountain, our broncho with safety we ride. branding, roundup, horse
2862 Cow Country FC 11 E-04 1 Tom Ellinwood Beauty Can Be Practical A golden desert sunset. rain, water, need, beauty, dry
2863 Cow Country FC 11 E-04 2 Tom Ellinwood The Silver Lining I find that certain kinds of work. fence, work
2864 Cow Country FC 11 E-04 3 Tom Ellinwood Prospecting Sure Has Changed He trod a thousand lonely trails. progress, prospecting, change
2865 Cow Country FC 11 E-04 4 Tom Ellinwood Those Make-Believe Crops I hear about this aid they get. taxes, government, farmers, rancher
2866 Cow Country FC 11 E-04 5 Tom Ellinwood 20th Century Arrows What would they say, those men who rode. ghosts, progress
2867 Cow Country FC 11 E-04 6 Tom Ellinwood Modern Conveniences The steers we worked when I was young. star, brand, car
2868 Cow Country FC 11 E-04 7 Tom Ellinwood The Entertainer Folks shoot at him and poison him. coyote
2869 Cow Country FC 11 E-04 8 Tom Ellinwood The Homestead Apaches warred when first these walls. homestead, time, past, Apache
2870 Cow Country FC 11 E-04 9 Tom Ellinwood Ode to a Biscuit They're building ovens in the walls. Dutch ovens, food, modern conveniences
2871 Cow Country FC 11 E-04 10 Tom Ellinwood Apache Brave The odds he fought were much too high. Apache, land, defend, homeland
2872 Cow Country FC 11 E-04 11 Tom Ellinwood Fits and Misfits In town I heard a fellow say. car, carport, horse, stall
2873 Cow Country FC 11 E-04 12 Tom Ellinwood The Warmer-Upper There's times when frost lies all around. sunrise, morning, work,winter
2874 Western Verse or Worse FC 11 F-10 46 Rolf M. Flake Tall Order Well, we'd like something "isolated." real estate, ranch, selling
2875 Western Verse or Worse FC 11 F-10 47 Rolf M. Flake Time Flies Time flies on wings of lightning. time, work
2876 Western Verse or Worse FC 11 F-10 48 Rolf M. Flake A Bummer of a Summer Well, the bulls were back in the "bull" pasture. bull, summer, pasture, castrate