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FOLK COLLECTION 11: The Skaggs Foundation Cowboy Poetry Collection

Date of Items: 1890-present
Register Prepared by: Randy Williams and Susan Gross, April 2004
Register Updated by: Randy Williams, 23 December 2009
Excel database transfered to MYSQL and uploaded (replacing PHP data): Colin Jackson, Fall 2010
MYSQL database updated: Randy Williams, January 2012
Linear Feet:20

Historical Note & Provenance

Folk Coll 11 is Utah State University's cowboy poetry collection. The collection, originally created by a generation donation by the L. J. and Mary Skaggs Foundation, includes books gathered during a fieldwork project in the early 1980s to document cowboy poetry in the U.S. west (see Folk Coll 11f). From this important fieldwork project came the impetus for the first Cowboy Poetry Gathering held in January 1985 in Elko, Nevada. Since that time, each January, the Fife Folklore Archives staff take the collection and Access database (that details each book, poem, author, first line and key words), to the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering for offsite use. Through University purchases and generation donations from poets and collectors, this collection continues to grow.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of 20 linear feet of books on cowboy poetry, including press and self published works. The collection can be accessed through USU Libraries online catalog.

As well, poem titles and keywords found in each book in the collection are included in the database below. To use, type in the search term. Tip: Try and use an uncommon word from the poem to ensure less "hits." For instance, if you enter "boots" you will get many hits; but if you enter "bones" you will most liley get fewer "hits" or poems and find the item you seek faster. To return to the search page, click "home" at the bottom of the page.


Poetry table.

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IDBook TitleComposerIndexPagesAuthorPoem TitleFirst LinesKeywords
25192 Riders of the Leafy Spurge Bill Lowman FC 11 L-16 52 Harold J. Lowman Is Old Age Creeping Up on You? Corns on my feet, a lump in my nose. What's wrong in between God only knows. One leg is a little short my elbow won't bend, my neck is some stiff there seems no end.
25193 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 3 Carol Hample My First Memory The first thing that I can remember was when I was only a small boy of three. They were building the courthouse in Stanford and I was inspecting the job for them, free. It was jut about then that I saw the big house
25194 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 4 Carol Hample A Walk In The Dark I still remember well one night some fifty years ago, when Johnny Hardenbrook and I were boys of twelve or so. The night was black as pitch with heavy clouds, but fairly still, and warm enough to walk to Sun Creek Ranch across the hill.
25195 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 6 Carol Hample Spring Water On the Hardenbrook ranch, where we worked our own pace, was a pretty good spring on the way to Duane's place. We had made a small pool so the water could flow through a smalll one-inch pipe to the trough down below.
25196 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 7 Carol Hample Old Socks A little black mare, kinda spooky but tame, had socks on all fours, and so Socks was her name. She and I had been out on the trail all day, doing what, I've forgotten, but earning our pay.
25197 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 8 Carol Hample The Bull Story In the summer the cattle could range quite a ways up the dry fork of Belt Creek to lazily graze. There were cow-and-calf pairs and two bulls that would roam until fall when the first winter storm brought them home.
25198 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 10 Carol Hample The Steering Wheel I was often in trouble and nver got bored in the days I was driving my Model T Ford, It was simple to operate, easy to fix, if you knew how it worked and a couple of tricks. It has brakes and reverse and a low and high gear
25199 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 12 Carol Hample Basil Skelton A few of us were hunting from a cabin, I recall, the one on old Doc Williams' place, one year in early fall. One night it snowed about a foot of wet and heavy snow, so we decided then the Model A would have to go.
25200 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 14 Carol Hample The Flat Tire It was during the thirties when I was in school, and my Model T Ford worked okay as a rule, but one day Fatty Aamold was going with me to haul ashes away to the dump with the T.
25201 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 19 Carol Hample The Wash Tub When I was five, or maybe four, and the youngest of us all, and we were lving on the ranch, the first thing I recall was on a summer Saturday and mom had filled the tub.
25202 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 20 Carol Hample Growing up in Montana When I was a kid and we lived where we did on a ranch about two miles from twon, then I guess you could say we were poor, in a way, with our revenue being way down. But we lived liked our peers for at least seven years- like forever it seemed to me then.
25203 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 22 Carol Hample Drought In the spring we had hopefully planted our seeds, and had tended them lovingly, keeping out weeds, as we waited, we waited, for rain. Tere was plenty of sunshine and long growing days, and the shimmer of summer distorted the haze, but we needed, we needed some rain.
25204 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 27 Carol Hample Johnny's 1952 Rocket 88 "I bought a brand new Oldsmobile," said Johnny Branch to Mitch, "And now to pull a boat and such, I need a trailer hitch." Now Johnny was a welder, and a pretty good one, too.
25205 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 29 Carol Hample The Wild Ride We were hunting as usual, Johnny and I, on a typical clear autumn day. With binoculars high on the top of a ridge we could scan a fair distance away. Well we spotted some deer in the Blacktails below, and some bucks in among them, to boot.
25206 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 31 Carol Hample The Flood of '64 The Missouri was racing and raging, its floodwaters tossed with debris. It was cloud the night of high water, so dark that a man couldn't see. We were working two shifts at the shop, and at midnight we quit for the night.
25207 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 34 Carol Hample Saga of Lindbergh Lake Capers It was late in September, I clearly remember, the first time we all got together. And every year after, with drinks and with laughter, we've gathered in all kinds of weather,
25208 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 41 Carol Hample Tale of the Kittiwake There are many tales of seas and sails that seamen will relate. And the more they're told, they become more bold as seamen exaggerate. But I have a tale of the sea and of sail that is true as the gospel, I swear.
25209 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 44 Carol Hample Midnight I was thirty years old when I got my first horse, and what happened was none of my doing, of course. I was greener than grass in a pasture in spring, and, I'm sorry to say, didn't know anything.
25210 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 46 Carol Hample Lady Got Lost It was during the summer that Lady got lost. But it wasn't her fault; she had been double-crossed. She was still pretty young, just a year or two old, and she tried very hard to do all she was told.
25211 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 48 Carol Hample Escape It was one of those days when your wandering gaze is bedazzled by skies that are fair. And it still was midwinder, and sharp were the splinters of ice that still hung in the air. Now a couple of dogs had been sleeping like logs every day in their pen and were bored.
25212 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 53 Carol Hample Wind and the Night Monsters Late at night I hear the wind, as sleep is so elusive, howling so relentlessly, it's pounding so abusive. Gusting anger, making all the bushes bow before it. Never even tempo, making sure I can't ignore it.
25213 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 54 Carol Hample Secrets I have noticed that most of the people will boast, when they speak of the source of their pride. I suspect that a few of the people who do also have a few secrets to hide. To that simple perception I find no exception upon introspection of me.
25214 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 56 Carol Hample Ode to Wind I can't believe the crazy wind, it's driving people nuts. just opening the door to leave can take a lot of guts. I thinkI've made it through, and then it slams me in the face. Why, even doors inside the house-- it's a windy everyplace.
25215 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 58 Carol Hample Revenue A ways beyond McAllister, and past North Meadow Creek, upon the high plateau, before the trees get very thick, where only sage can grow against the raw November wind
25216 Wind and the Night Monsters FC 11 H-24 60 Carol Hample Cold Fear Setting now, the winter sun removes its feeble warming. Rapidly the darkness spreads its cold with wind and storming. Fear invades my soul, a fear that's cold and penetrating, growing exponentially with evey hour of waiting.