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FOLK COLLECTION 11: The Skaggs Foundation Cowboy Poetry Collection

Date of Items: 1890-present
Register Prepared by: Randy Williams and Susan Gross, April 2004
Register Updated by: Randy Williams, 23 December 2009
Excel database transfered to MYSQL and uploaded (replacing PHP data): Colin Jackson, Fall 2010
MYSQL database updated: Randy Williams, January 2012
Linear Feet:20

Historical Note & Provenance

Folk Coll 11 is Utah State University's cowboy poetry collection. The collection, originally created by a generation donation by the L. J. and Mary Skaggs Foundation, includes books gathered during a fieldwork project in the early 1980s to document cowboy poetry in the U.S. west (see Folk Coll 11f). From this important fieldwork project came the impetus for the first Cowboy Poetry Gathering held in January 1985 in Elko, Nevada. Since that time, each January, the Fife Folklore Archives staff take the collection and Access database (that details each book, poem, author, first line and key words), to the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering for offsite use. Through University purchases and generation donations from poets and collectors, this collection continues to grow.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of 20 linear feet of books on cowboy poetry, including press and self published works. The collection can be accessed through USU Libraries online catalog.

As well, poem titles and keywords found in each book in the collection are included in the database below. To use, type in the search term. Tip: Try and use an uncommon word from the poem to ensure less "hits." For instance, if you enter "boots" you will get many hits; but if you enter "bones" you will most liley get fewer "hits" or poems and find the item you seek faster. To return to the search page, click "home" at the bottom of the page.


Poetry table.

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IDBook TitleComposerIndexPagesAuthorPoem TitleFirst LinesKeywords
2452 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 45 Marcus Crowley Tattle-Tale Gray I'm a reader of magazine ads. advertisement, disagreement
2453 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 43 Marcus Crowley The Blizzard There's snow on the ground. cold, cattle, Chinook, weather, wind, storm, snow
2454 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 40 Marcus Crowley The Center-Fire Kid When I was range boss. "Seven U.P.", widow, snob, arrogance, greenhorn, inexperienced, love, Clearwater School, neighbors, help, youth, memories
2455 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 39 Marcus Crowley A Boy, A Horse And A Prayer When our boy went into the service. Army Air Force, albino horse, pride, son, death, sadness, grief
2456 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 37 Marcus Crowley Musselshell Blues You were always mild as a stream can be. moisture, crop, blood artery
2457 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 36 Marcus Crowley R If you've driven your hours 'gainst the glare of the sun. headache," Rocking R", lonesome, cheering up
2458 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 35 Marcus Crowley The Montana Waltz With the moon shining down on that gay little town. romantic, music, girls, love, vow, promises
2459 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 34 Marcus Crowley My Friend, The Coyote A coyote gives a war whoop. wolf, symbol, West, prairie
2460 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 32 Marcus Crowley The Parade Now speaking out for spectacles. rodeo, excitement, music, flag, floats, wagon
2461 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 30 Marcus Crowley Honyock Days I never knew the glory of the old trail drivin' days. old times, stampedes, night herd, cowboys, dry farm, teamster, home-stead shack, retrospection
2462 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 29 Marcus Crowley Oro Y Pla-Ta Away back in the years. pioneers, homelands, land, resources, wealth, rhyme, poet
2463 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 25 Marcus Crowley The Brindle-Striped Red I'm layin' round town. farm hand, work, milking cows, kicking cow, beast, hell cat, fight,
2464 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 24 Marcus Crowley Men from Texas Have you ever noticed. names, land, areas, statement
2465 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 23 Marcus Crowley Tribute to the Appaloosa The C Cross boys were holding forth. characteristics, specifics
2466 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 22 Marcus Crowley A Toast to the Appaloosa Here's to the Appaloosa. praise, breeding, horse
2467 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 20 Marcus Crowley The Rough Spring Rider Notice how he sits in his saddle. pride, attention, break horses
2468 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 18 Marcus Crowley His Paradise The old puncher sat down with a sigh. memories, nature, death
2469 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 17 Marcus Crowley Old Bronc Stomper I used to work for Morris. range, horses, break horses, punching cattle, sheep herding, rheumatic legs, hen ranch
2470 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 16 Marcus Crowley Scotch Irish Blues I've caught me a could and a-feelin' quite blue. cough, drinks, drown a cold,
2471 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 15 Marcus Crowley The Wish book Old Pete was real nearsighted. Monkey-Sawbuck book, Ladies' underwear
2472 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 14 Marcus Crowley Crazy There's nothing that will startle you. fright, stacking hay, stranger, lunatic, fear, scare
2473 Bunkhouse Ballads FC 11 C-15 12 Marcus Crowley Prologue In writing rhymes, the topics of my rhyming. memories, tales, nature, trials, courage, pioneers, freedom, heritage hardship
2474 Cowboy: A Roundup of Verse FC 11 C-17 2 J.T. Crozier Old Dan's Asleep I've seen lots of country between them two ears. friendship, sadness, tribute, horse, death
2475 Cowboy: A Roundup of Verse FC 11 C-17 4 J.T. Crozier The Kid Who Rode Double Aught I was back of the chute sunpacking my gear. twister, bull, beast, mean animal, strength, challenge, victory, fight, revenge
2476 Cowboy: A Roundup of Verse FC 11 C-17 6 J.T. Crozier Pair Of Boots There's a pair of boots that's sittin'. rodeo, grave, death, fame, pride, bragging, drinking