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FOLK COLLECTION 11: The Skaggs Foundation Cowboy Poetry Collection

Date of Items: 1890-present
Register Prepared by: Randy Williams and Susan Gross, April 2004
Register Updated by: Randy Williams, 23 December 2009
Excel database transfered to MYSQL and uploaded (replacing PHP data): Colin Jackson, Fall 2010
MYSQL database updated: Randy Williams, January 2012
Linear Feet:20

Historical Note & Provenance

Folk Coll 11 is Utah State University's cowboy poetry collection. The collection, originally created by a generation donation by the L. J. and Mary Skaggs Foundation, includes books gathered during a fieldwork project in the early 1980s to document cowboy poetry in the U.S. west (see Folk Coll 11f). From this important fieldwork project came the impetus for the first Cowboy Poetry Gathering held in January 1985 in Elko, Nevada. Since that time, each January, the Fife Folklore Archives staff take the collection and Access database (that details each book, poem, author, first line and key words), to the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering for offsite use. Through University purchases and generation donations from poets and collectors, this collection continues to grow.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of 20 linear feet of books on cowboy poetry, including press and self published works. The collection can be accessed through USU Libraries online catalog.

As well, poem titles and keywords found in each book in the collection are included in the database below. To use, type in the search term. Tip: Try and use an uncommon word from the poem to ensure less "hits." For instance, if you enter "boots" you will get many hits; but if you enter "bones" you will most liley get fewer "hits" or poems and find the item you seek faster. To return to the search page, click "home" at the bottom of the page.


Poetry table.

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IDBook TitleComposerIndexPagesAuthorPoem TitleFirst LinesKeywords
22524 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 1 Lucy S. Burnham Drift Wood Like bits of drift wood toosed by the sea; These long lost thoughts come back to me; I gathered them in with a willing hand, A mound of drift wood upon the sand.
22525 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 2 Lucy S. Burnham Life's Homey Things I love life's little homey things, My garden and its setting. Your kindly face and tender smile Pray will there be forgetting
22526 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 3 Lucy S. Burnham My Patch-Work Quilt If only you might speak, dear, lovely quilt, What thoughts you might reveal, or have to say.
22527 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 4 Lucy S. Burnham The Empty House Did you ever live in an empty house With never one bit of noise? Did you ever live in teh selfsame house With a group of gay girls and boys?
22528 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 5 Lucy S. Burnham There Was This House O, trouble may come with a heavy tread, To crush me with its power; Sorry may come with many a tear, But lo, I have had this hour.
22529 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 5 Lucy S. Burnham The Score There are glad days and sad days, So just remember, my dear, As calm comes after a storm cloud, Smiles will follow a tear.
22530 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 6 Lucy S. Burnham Healing Grace There are some wounds too deep for foolish tears, And pain that gnaws at vitals all the while. And so, I needs must calm my aching heart To teach my trembling lips again to smile
22531 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 6 Lucy S. Burnham In My Garden Last night I walked alone with God, Within my garden small; I walked in peace for well I knew No harm could me befall.
22532 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 7 Lucy S. Burnham Homing Just a glimpse of heavenly beauty, You may never have noticed at all, The glow of yellow lamp-light Upon my kitchen wall.
22533 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 8 Lucy S. Burnham Motherhood She is sewing lace and tiny seams, In her brown eyes and gentle dreams Of a baby from the heavenly shore, To be her own forevermore.
22534 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 8 Lucy S. Burnham Home An old, unpainted, friendly house, I'm sure it was a home, A place we love to gather and we never want to roam.
22535 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 9 Lucy S. Burnham Five Little Girls O, the joy of five little girls, Some in pig-tails, some in curls; Angelic faces and eyes of blue, Ten little hands with naught to do.
22536 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 10 Lucy S. Burnham Two Little Boys Two little boys so full of fun, Ready for bed when day is done; Blue overalls, faded and worn, Patches where the knees are torn.
22537 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 11 Lucy S. Burnham My Guiding Star Dear little arms so soft and white, That twine around my neck each night, Through you I catch a glimmer far Of heaven, dear arms, my guiding star.
22538 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 12 Lucy S. Burnham When You're Away It is morning, dearest husband, And as from my bed I rise, Out upon the dawning With its beauty rests my eyes.
22539 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 13 Lucy S. Burnham Wings My hands are filled with homey tasks, But my mind may wander free, Beyond the pleasant valley here Whereve I wish to be.
22540 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 14 Lucy S. Burnham The Sage I asked an old man, bent and gray, "Do hearts grow old, does love decay?" He winked at me and whispered low, "Alas, my dear, I do not know."
22541 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 14 Lucy S. Burnham O, Little Road O, little road that leads to home, Over the winding hill, My eager feet will never stop Till they cross the sacred hill.
22542 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 15 Lucy S. Burnham House Across The Street There's a house on our street quite near my own Not just a house but a happy home, With a yard fairly littered by dogs and toys, Brought there by neighborhood girls and boys.
22543 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 16 Lucy S. Burnham The Common Man Yes, I have understanding for the man Who earns his bread by tilling of the soil.
22544 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 17 Lucy S. Burnham Mental Poise Just live one day at a time, dear, And each moment of that day, As sand grains pass through the hour-glass, Lighten your burden this way.
22545 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 18 Lucy S. Burnham Retrospect I love the hour of twilight here, End of my busy days, Alone with me in the twilight, To ponder upon life's ways.
22546 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 19 Lucy S. Burnham If I have Failed If I have failed in you, my son, I've failed in all that I have done.
22547 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 20 Lucy S. Burnham My Gift To Life My son, I look into your clear, blue eyes, And I must raise my head a bit to see, For you have grown so tall these last few months, It's hard to see you as you used to be.
22548 Drift Wood FC 11 B-59 21 Lucy S. Burnham The Shelter Of Home A fierce storm is raging, it knocks at our door, It shrieks and is gone with a passionate roar.