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Policy 586 - Open Access to Scholarly Articles

Research continues to show that making your work open access in any form increases its impact. In addition, USU Policy, 586 “Open Access to Scholarly Articles” ensures that making your work Open Access is your choice, not your publisher’s.

These tools make notifying your publisher that you intend to make a version of your work open access via the institutional repository easier than ever. Now, a simple web form can be used to notify your publisher of the prior non-exclusive license between you and USU as per Policy 586.

In the event that you wish to surrender your copyright to your publisher, you will be granted a waiver of Policy 586 on completion of this web form. For more information, visit the Scholarly Communication libguide or contact ScholarlyCommunications@usu.edu.

'Open Access to Scholarly Articles' Web Forms and Policy

Policy 586 Waiver Request Form
Policy 586 Addendum to Publication Form
USU Policy 586