USU Procedures

USU Public Access to Data

The Research Office and the Library have partnered to facilitate access to public access to data.  The workflow diagram illustrates the process. Listed below are the steps PIs take throughout the process.

DigitalCommons Award Set-up

Once you receive an award from an agency with data sharing requirements, you will receive a notice from Sponsored Programs reminding you of the federal requirements to deposit publications in the agency repository and data in an appropriate, publicly accessible repository such as DigitalCommons@USU.

You will be asked to provide Sponsored Programs with either a copy of the project's approved Data Management Plan (DMP) or complete the USU Primary Metadata Document (PMD), which you can access at RGS sponsored programs under forms. Once Sponsored programs receives your information, it will be given to the Merrill-Cazier Library and a record will be created in DigitalCommons@USU in the Funded Research Records  series to represent your grant.  The DMP and PMD will be attached and publicly accessible from your record.

Award Period

During the period of your award, Sponsored Programs will send you a letter each year reminding you of the requirements of federal sponsors to deposit publications and data.  To ensure compliance, USU strongly recommends you regularly update your Primary Metadata Document (PMD) and send it to Sponsored Programs.

Sponsored Programs will send this information to the Merrill-Cazier Library and records will be created for your data and publications in DigitalCommons@USU.  These records increase the visibility of the data and publications you have deposited.

Award Close Out

All data and publications that result from your award must be deposited according to the policies of the federal sponsor.  At award close out, Sponsored Programs will ask you for an update to your Primary Metadata Document (PMD) and ask if all data and publications have been deposited.  If you will continue to produce data and publications, you need to let Sponsored Programs know and they will continue to send you reminders to update your PMD until all data and publications have been deposited per the agency's requirements.  This information is passed to the Library so records can be created in DigitalCommons@USU Datasets Collection to represent your data and in publications for your department.