Agency Requirements

A memorandum from the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) in August 2022 directs US federal agencies to develop plans for how they will ensure free, immediate, and equitable access to federally funded research. In addition, sharing data, code, and other research outputs is required by many other funding agencies and journal publishers.

Data can be reused to answer new questions and open up new interpretations and discoveries, and sharing data may lead to sharing research process, workflows, and tools (enhances potential for replicating research results).

Find more information about Federal Agency Data and Article Sharing Requirements here:

Copyright Agreements

Upon publishing your article, you will complete a Copyright Transfer Agreement, which typically transfers many, if not all, of your article copyright to the publisher.

You can retain some of your rights, especially rights that allow you to deposit a version of the article in a repository.  

SPARC Author Addendum:  fill out and attach to any article submission to indicate which rights you wish to retain.

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