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The Austin and Alta Fife Fieldwork Collection

No. 5: The Fife Fieldwork Record (Asetate Disc) Collection

Collection Processed by:Randy Williams
Register Prepared by: Randy Williams, August 2007
Linear Feet: .75

Historical Note & Provenance

Folk Coll 4 no. 5 consists of acetate disc of field recordings collected by Austin and Alta Fife. The collection is closed.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of field recordings collected on acetate disc. Inventory information includes record number, title (if listed), informant / singer (tradition bearer), and if noted, place and date of interview. The inventory is not completed.


Box 1

No. 1: no or missing item
No. 2: Song lyrics read aloud by Austin Fife from Mary Progue's collection

    Side A: 1: "Mabel Clair," 2: "The Farmer Boy," 3: "Where is my Boy Tonight," 4: "The Two Orphans," 5: "Love Songs," 6: "Wedding Bells," 7: "Broken Engagement," 8: "The Old '97"
    Side B: 1: "The Old '97" (concluded), 2: "When the Work's All Done This Fall," 3 "Home in the Mountains," 4: "Fatal Wedding," 5: "Birmingham Jail," 6: "Colombia Stockade Blues," 7: "I Learned About Women From Her"
No. 301: Shoshone Gambling (Hand-Game) Songs, Sung by: Mrs. Annie Bellis Jefferson, assisted by daughter; Recorded at Lone Pine,
    California, 30 June 1949, by M.C. Huot
    Side A: 1-4: from Lone Pine, 5: from Nevada Shosone
    Side B: 1: from Nevada Shosone, 2-4: from Lone Pine

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