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Featured Collections

  • Cache Valley Diaries

    "I am starting my 30th year of keeping a diary," wrote Lucetta Thompson on January 1, 1962. "Can tell what happened every day ... I enjoy reading them. They bring back memories some sad but more happy I believe." Thompson was one of many Cache Valley residents-including early settlers, businessmen, missionaries, homemakers, polygamists, farmers, and teachers-who documented their experiences in northern Utah and southern Idaho through diaries and memoirs.

    The Cache Valley Diaries digital collection, our May 2014 spotlight, brings a sampling of these firsthand accounts from the Merrill-Cazier Library's Special Collections and Archives to your computer screen. More than just lists of daily reflections by Cache Valley residents, these volumes also contain biographies and correspondence related to the individuals who wrote them. Each contributes to understanding 150+ years of Cache Valley experience.

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  • Design Workshop Landscape Architecture Archive

    The digital collection spotlight for April 2014 focuses on the work of Design Workshop®, a Denver-based landscape architecture firm that has been creating "sustainable places of timeless beauty" since 1969. The firm's numerous awards reflect its successful innovations in land planning and design. To mark its 40th anniversary in 2010, Design Workshop partnered with Utah State University to create the Design Workshop Landscape Architecture Archive that includes this digital collection as well as a physical archive housed in Merrill-Cazier Library's Special Collections and Archives. This archival collection offers a unique and comprehensive look at how designers from one leading design firm succeed at their trade.

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  • Grouse Creek Cultural Survey: Mormon Buckaroo Territory, 1985

    Imagine living in a small ranching and farming community of 80 people, where all the children attend the same tiny rural school until 10th grade, then go 150 miles out of town to finish up high school. Where the only store is a small cooperative called Gone Country that supplies food, gifts, pottery, and in hunting season becomes the "Hamburger Hut." Where the nearest Wal-Mart is 65 miles away in another state. Welcome to Grouse Creek, Utah, home of the Mormon Buckaroo, and our Digital Collections Spotlight for March 2014.

    In the summer of 1985 a team of folklife specialists from the Library of Congress and Utah spent a couple of weeks living in Grouse Creek, interviewing its people and recording its history and culture. Explore the interviews, photographs, slides, and field notes captured during this time.

  • Fife Slide Collection of Western U.S. Vernacular Architecture

    Using summer vacations and weekends, the husband-and-wife team of Austin and Alta Fife traveled all over the west with recording equipment, camera, and stenographic materials to collect the folklife of the region, including cowboy songs, Mormon folklore, and slides of vernacular architecture. The digital collection spotlight for February 2014 features images from the Fife Slide Collection of Western U.S. Vernacular Architecture, taken between the 1940s and late 1970s. These images of unique mailboxes, intricate quilts, and detailed murals along with tree bark graffiti, costumes, festivals and more capture the material culture and folklife of the American West.