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Featured Collections

  • Historic Postcards of Utah Digital Collection

    Take a postcard tour of Utah's recent past, from beautiful Cache Valley in northern Utah, to the religious and historic sites of Salt Lake City, and on down to the unique rock formations of southern Utah. Dating mostly from the early to mid 1900s, these colorized, photographic, and linen postcards depict prominent buildings and important places, some of which have disappeared or been significantly altered.

    The Historic Postcards of Utah Digital Collection represents Utah postcards selected from Special Collections and Archives' larger Postcard Collection (P0031) and the Alfred Gordon Erickson Photograph Collection (P0479).

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  • Cache County Plat Maps Photograph Collection

    The Cache County Plat Maps Photograph Collection consists of reproductions of 49 original plat maps in Cache and Franklin counties, showing city lots as well as property boundaries for agricultural land. The plats were drawn by Cache County surveyor James Henry (J.H.) Martineau in the 1860s and 1870s.

    James Henry Martineau (1828-1921) was a Mormon convert who is perhaps best known as a territorial, federal, and railroad (Union Pacific) surveyor. In addition, he was a settler, clerk, cartographer, photographer, and engineer. He completed a variety of surveys in southern Utah before serving as an officer in the Nauvoo legion during the Utah War of 1857-58. In 1860 he settled in Cache Valley, working as the county surveyor and the U.S. deputy internal revenue collector. In 1888 he moved his families to Colonia Juarez in Mexico, although in 1903 he moved back to Salt Lake City. He died on June 24, 1921 in Salt Lake City at the age of ninety-three.

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  • Cache County Aerial Photograph Collection

    The Cache County Aerial Photograph Collection, our Digital Library spotlight for May 2015, consists of high altitude images probably taken in 1952 and 1959 by the Aerial Photography Field Office in Salt Lake City. Before 1978 a number of federal agencies conducted high altitude surveys. In 1978 the National High Altitude Photography program was created to consolidate federal high altitude photography activities to save money. The images in this collection were probably used as part of the Soil Conservation Survey.

    The collection also includes images of Cache County, as well as images along the Cache/Box Elder County and the Cache/Weber County boundaries in Utah and from Oneida and Franklin County on the Utah/Idaho border. These images are from 9" x 9" negatives and taken at 1:20,000. The date the image was taken is usually in the upper left-hand corner.

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  • J. Bracken Lee

    Any conversation about controversial Utah politicians must include J. Bracken Lee (1899-1996). The six-term mayor of Price, two-term governor of Utah, and three-term mayor of Salt Lake City was a staunch economic conservative who fought to cut taxes and trim what he saw as wasteful government spending. His small-government fiscal conservatism inspired a sizable following across the state, but Lee's penchant for blunt honesty and personal confrontation also earned him a number of enemies. With a 36-year career in both state and local politics, Lee is remembered as one of Utah's most legendary elected officials.

    This featured digital collection for March 2015 contains photographs, newspaper articles, campaign ephemera, transcripts, correspondence, and audio recordings that span Lee's entire life, from birth to retirement. While these papers are physically housed at the Utah State University-Eastern in Price, Utah, you can sample some of the most significant documents and recordings from Lee's remarkable career in the J. Bracken Lee Digital Exhibit.

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